A Simple Natural Cure For Blindness, Bleeding in the Retina


A young lady called me on the phone over a year ago. She had been contacting Natural Vision Teachers for help with an eye condition called CSR. (Central serous retinopathy) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_serous_retinopathy

The condition occurred on and off for some time. Then it progressed, she had lost almost 90% sight in one eye and the other eye was about 50% sight with the rest of the sight in the eyes 50% blurred. Areas of her field were patchy; some with vision, others with no vision.
She had worn reading glasses (plus lenses, magnifiers) for 20 years. Stronger and stronger lenses as time passed. She has a nervous temperament due to unfortunate experiences in life, many duties, and this may have caused the initial slight blur years ago that lead to the first pair of glasses. The Ophthalmologist had recently given her another stronger prescription and told her to keep wearing the glasses. He told her to wait for a certain level of further impairment of the CSR condition. Then he would do an operation to seal the leaking blood vessels in the retina. The lady had also developed the habit of reading with a magnifying glass.
None of the Natural Vision teachers she contacted (some famous) would help her unless she paid money. One teacher wanted $80.00 hour. Another charges about $150.00 hr.
The patient is a working mother. Lost her job due to the condition and could not afford to pay for Natural Vision lessons.
As true Bates Method practitioners know; eyeglasses, especially as they become stronger cause injury to the eyes health; often the retina, lens, cornea and the circulation, optic nerve.
The Natural Vision teachers and the eye doctor never told her the simple things to help reverse the eye condition; to stop wearing glasses. To learn to relax and to shift, use central-fixation and to avoid effort to see, avoid squinting, staring.
I taught her these basic practices in only about 30 minutes. She took the advice and stopped wearing the glasses. She does not like to practice any of the Bates Method but I was able to get her to palm and shift and understand central-fixation. We also discovered that a homeopathy doctor was giving her some very toxic herbs, a variety, many all mixed together. One causes high pressure in the eyes and impairs circulation. Many other side effects. This lady is in her early 30’s and as I was myself when young, she believed in every natural doctor, listening to their every word wide-eyed and trusting. It took a while to completely convince her to stop all the herbal stuff but she eventually quit the main ones that were causing health problems.
Then I did not hear from her for about 3 months. She called one day and told me she had stayed away from the glasses completely and her vision had returned almost 100%!
She had a lot of blur but could get around, the main thing was fixed; step #1; the blindness was gone and her eye doctor said the CSR had healed so the operation was dropped. He warned that CSR can heal on its own and return.
As more time passed the blur cleared to about 20/40-20/50. She still had some trouble reading up close. I did not hear from her for a about 5 months. Then I had a ‘feeling’ to call her. I did and she said the CSR had returned but not much. I asked if she had gone back to glasses? She said no but stated she had been using a strong magnifying glass often to read with. I described to her how a magnifying glass is like eyeglasses (+ plus lenses) and can cause the same eye-vision problems that the glasses caused.
She stopped using the magnifying glass. Contacted me a couple months ago; CSR healed again.
Only problem is she hates having blurry close vision. It’s hard to get her to practice the Bates Method. She is very busy. If she would practice it more I am sure the close vision would reach complete clarity and there will be no temptation to use the magnifier.

I have had some students that tell me they are not wearing eyeglasses but I then find out later they are sneaking use of glasses. This prevents improvement.
Weaker reduced 20/40 temporary eyeglass prescriptions can be used when there is no advanced blur, no eye health problems (if needed for safe driving, work…) but 20/20 and stronger glasses will prevent improvement and lead to increased eye health impairment, vision impairment.
In this lady’s case ABSOLUTELY NO GLASSES had to be the rule. It saved her eyesight. She is a sweet person, her family loves and needs her and she deserves to be happy.
I have her e-mails stating this experience but she strongly dislikes speaking of the condition. I have met a lot of people like this; having to talk or write about their condition brings back the unhappy memories and often the intense fear, anxiety, depression. I understand and respect this.

I am asking students, (many now teachers) to tell their stories. New student; Story is amazing! From -4 to throwing away his glasses and getting more and more perfect clear flashes in less than a month. He learns fast, practices the training and I know he will be a great teacher.

A Jewish man was 80% blind in one eye, 100% the other. He cured himself with the Bates Method. Cured his lady friend who had a similar condition. Main treatment; sunlight and no glasses .

Another case of glaucoma, cataract, retina blindness, advanced myopia, turned into also farsight; cured by the Bates Method, avoiding glasses.
Then relapse after returning to stronger -10 glasses after eye doctor’s advice. Saw big flashing blue… lights, bouts of blindness couple times and doctor just increased the eyeglass prescription strength, told him to keep wearing the glasses. Blood vessel in retina burst, black cataract in both eyes, glaucoma returned. Had to have retina surgery. Now afraid of doctors, won’t get the cataracts removed. He is beginning to recover, was seeing some light but now nothing. Much problem with memory, imagination.
In this case I wish he would get the cataract operations and opt for a natural bendable human donor lens replacement if insurance covers it. He’s in senior years so…
He’s a Mormon from Utah. Taught me an organic sea salt and water cure from the bible that greatly helped my neck injury heal. Another simple cure that medical doctors don’t want you to know about. What is the first thing they give you in the hospital; saline (salt) IV. Then they tell you to avoid salt.

(A eyesight forum owner talked natural vision teachers, including me into signing over blog articles we write on his blog to him. This takes away our right as authors, teachers. Then we find out he’s altering them. I have removed my articles from his forum and posing all here from this date onward. This way I can be sure they are not altered.
Be aware that my posts on other person’s forums, groups might be altered by the owners without my permission.
I am trying to move all here but it’s about 1500 posts since 2008 so I’m not sure if that will ever get done. All the posts are derived from my books, Dr. Bates books, magazines, my website so it’s really just a repost to people asking for eyesight help on those other forums. You can obtain the true, unedited articles, training here on our GuestPage and website; http://www.cleareyesight-batesmethod.info .)


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