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Ophthalmologist William H. Bates-1922Dr. William H. Bates, Ophthalmologist discovered and perfected Natural Eyesight Improvement, The Bates Method’. He discovered the natural principles, true, normal function of the eyes (visual system) and applied natural methods, relaxation to return the eyes, eye muscles, nerves, mind/brain, thought patterns, body (entire visual system) to natural, normal function with healthy eyes and clear vision. ‘The Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement’.  He cured; unclear close and distant vision, astigmatism, crossed, wandering eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. Natural Eyesight (Vision) Improvement was practiced years before Dr. Bates discovered it. It is the normal, natural function of the eyes. Hidden from the public by Eye Surgeons, Optometrists, Optical businesses for over 100 years because this method works, is easy, anyone can learn, teach it, including children. It produces healthy eyes, clear vision and frees the patient from the need to buy harmful eyeglasses, drugs, unnecessary eye surgery. Yes, it can and has reversed cataracts!

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Dr. Bates worked his entire life treating people successfully with Natural Eyesight Improvement. When he cured the eyes, vision of many patients, medical students and other doctors in the hospital where he worked with natural treatments, without use of eyeglasses, surgery, drugs and proved his method is fact and that some of the old theories of eye function are incorrect, only theories; the doctors, eye surgeons that preferred to sell eyeglasses, surgery, drugs became angry and expelled him. (See: `Reason and Authority’ and `Dr. Bates Lecture’ in Better Eyesight Magazine; November, 1919, April, 1923 and Articles in his book.) Dr. Bates then opened his own office, a Clinic in Harlem, New York City. He treated thousands of people by natural methods, including many of the poor people that had little money. He kept his price for medical treatment low and also provided no charge office visits `Free Clinic Days’ for people that could not afford to pay for a visit to an Ophthalmologist. He trained, certified other doctors, people to be Bates Method-Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers. He trained them for free, no charge. His treatments were successful. He cured the young and old, people of all ages, nationalities, cured a variety of eye conditions previously considered incurable. The Bates Method is so simple and effective that many of his cured patients, `often children’ then went on to cure their friends, family, parents, teachers and other children of defective vision including crossed, wandering eyes, blindness. Read the `true story of the two little girls that restored a blind mans eyesight’ in the Oct. 1925 Magazine Issue. Read Dr. Bates full story in `Better Eyesight Magazine’ and his book `The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses’. Dr. Bates recorded 11 years of work in his clinic, his patients and their varied treatments in his Better Eyesight Magazines, Books and Medical Articles. Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines contain many Natural Treatments, a variety of Activities, Directions, Articles describing how Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman Bates, (his clinic assistant, wife) and other Eye Doctors, School Teachers, Bates Method Students, Bates Teachers, Children and Parents used Natural Treatments to remove, correct, prevent many different eye problems: unclear close and distant vision (nearsight, myopia, farsight, presbyopia), astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, conical cornea, cornea ulcers & scars, retinitis pigmentosa, wandering/crossed eyes (strabismus), amblyopia and other eye conditions. Done without eyeglasses, surgery, drugs. Dr. Bates used surgery, drugs only when necessary, (Eye injury, infection…). The magazines contain `True Life Stories’ of the doctors, assistants, patients, treatments. Interesting, entertaining, fun to read. A History book, life in the early 1900′s. Vision improvement based `Fairy Stories’ and other articles for children are included. The stories produce a positive, relaxed state of mind, activate, improve the memory and imagination, teach Natural Eyesight Improvement, normal, correct eye functions. This improves the eyesight without trying, effortlessly.

Dr. Bates discovered Natural Eyesight Improvement over 100 years ago – Started around the year 1886. Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books are the original source of The Bates Method and true Natural Eyesight Improvement. The Original Better Eyesight Magazine collection is proof that Ophthalmologist William H. Bates discovered the Bates Method, Natural Eyesight (Vision) Improvement and is the True Author of the Magazine. The Optical, Medical Industry/Association and most Eye Doctors, Opticians have hidden Dr. Bates work, magazines, books, articles, Natural Eyesight Improvement from the public for over 100 years because: The Bates Method improves the clarity of vision, eye function, Dr. Bates writings are proof that Natural Eyesight Improvement works, produces clear vision, healthy eyes, it describes, teaches people how to apply Natural Eyesight Improvement & obtain clear vision `on their own’ and prevents the need for purchasing eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, eye surgery and drugs. The Bates Method is safe, healthy for the eyes, reverses and prevents vision impairment.

After Dr. Bates death, the Optical Industry, Medical Doctors/Association destroyed Dr. Bates magazines, books, articles, removed them from libraries, schools, colleges, bookstores in an attempt to hide the truth about Natural Eyesight Improvement from the public, prevent people from curing their eyesight. They bribed dishonest politicians, judges to pass laws preventing the public from teaching Natural Eyesight Improvement. They passed a law stating that only an eye doctor can teach the Bates Method. Most doctors refused to teach it. Ophthalmology, Optometry, Optician Colleges hid it, refused to teach it and Eye Doctors were taught in College to ignore the Bates Method. Honest eye doctors were afraid to teach it, were told that they would lose their medical license if they used it in their practice.

A few honest Eye Doctors, Bates Teachers, Students, Libraries from the 1900′s-present have hidden, preserved and republished Dr. Bates magazines, books and continued to teach the Bates Method despite harassment from the Optical, Medical Industry; Emily Lierman/Bates, Dr. Harold Peppard, Cecil S. Price, Dr. William MacCracken, Bernarr MacFadden, Clara Hackett, Margaret Corbett, Aldous Huxley, Janet Goodrich, Thomas Quackenbush and others. (See the case of Margaret Corbett and Aldous Huxley, New York City, USA; The Optical/Medical Industry/Association brought her to court, accused her of practicing Optometry without a license. She won all cases brought against her and cured the eyesight of many people that were in the courtroom. Aldous Huxley (famous Author) was a witness for Margaret Corbett, proved to the court how she reversed his near blindness, improved his eyesight. He later wrote the book; `The Art of Seeing’. She won other cases preserving the public’s right to teach, practice Natural Eyesight Improvement. The Optical, Medical and Drug Industry prefers to sell eyeglasses, contact lenses, dangerous destructive cornea laser eye surgery, cataract lens surgery, other eye operations and drugs. They continue to suppress, hide the Bates Method from their patients, the public. Dishonest Eye Doctors prescribe stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses, bifocals, unneeded astigmatism sections in the eyeglass lenses, tinted/UV blocking lenses & sunglasses knowing that this causes and increases fast vision impairment, eye muscle tension, abnormal pressure, tension on/in the eye, retina, lens.., dependence on stronger eyeglasses and leads to development of cataracts, detached retina, other eye health impairment resulting in thousands of dollars profit from performing cataract, retina, cornea… surgery. (Eyeglasses, bifocals and glasses with astigmatism sections… cause and increase astigmatism, conical cornea, cornea ulcers, infections, scars) I suspect that some Opticians, Optometrists that sell stronger and stronger eyeglasses secretly receive money, `kickbacks’ from eye surgeons when the business sends a patient that has developed a cataract or other eye problem, `advanced and ready for surgery’ to the eye surgeon for an operation. Senior citizens are their main victim, `customer’, abused by their doctors, told to wait for surgery until the cataract grows large enough while the doctor sells stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses, bifocals, unnecessary astigmatism sections in the glasses, sunglasses… knowing that this practice will cause more vision impairment, increase, speed the growth, development of the cataract and prevent a natural reversal, cure of the cataract.

A sales pitch for laser eye cornea surgery is often done after the patient’s eyesight is greatly impaired from being prescribed addictive, stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses, bifocals and astigmatism lenses. When the patient feels helpless, scared, they are pressured into agreeing to eye cornea laser surgery. Laser cornea eye surgeons destroy the health, structure of the eyes cornea knowing it will lead to a variety of eye, vision impairments, sale of eyeglasses, more eye surgery. Many patients have experienced extreme, disabling vision problems, eye pain and blindness has occurred. Patients have committed suicide, explaining to their family they would rather die than live with the greatly impaired vision, pain and poor quality of life that the laser cornea eye surgery caused. See the FDA ‘Cornea Surgery Side Effects Warning’. The law states that eye doctors do not have to tell their patients all the dangers, side effects of cornea eye surgeries. Laser surgery destroys the cornea’s health, function and often results in more eye surgeries to correct the damage done by the first laser surgery. Even though the TV news stations and newspapers receive a lot of money for advertising Laser surgery they post reports on laser cornea eye surgery side effects. Blinding people is the cruelest, most heartless type of crime! Doctors are doing this!

An honest eye doctor prefers to get the patient to stop use of eyeglasses, will not prescribe strong eyeglasses, bifocals, tinted, UV blocking lenses, sunglasses, astigmatism sections, laser cornea eye surgery. He/she teaches the patient how to reverse, prevent unclear vision, astigmatism, cataracts and other abnormal eye conditions. Due to the truth about Natural Medicine being available to the modern public, interest in Natural Cures; Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books, work has been recovered from individual owners, re-published and brought back to the public. Many HONEST Ophthalmologists, Optometrists are now learning, teaching the Bates Method and monitoring, recording their patients Natural Eyesight Improvement progress.

Dr. William H. Bates Life & The Bates Method History

Dr. Bates started his career as an orthodox ophthalmologist following the old, long time rules of the practice; prescribing eyeglasses… During his practice, working with different patients, eye conditions, he realized that unclear close, distant vision, astigmatism and other conditions often cured itself, reversed back to clear vision, especially when his patients stopped wearing their eyeglasses and relaxed. He noticed that wearing glasses ‘tensed’ the eyes, eye muscles, lowered the vision, resulted in stronger and stronger eyeglass lens prescriptions being needed in order to see clear through the glasses. He began his own studies on the eye and its function. This led him to discover that many of the old ophthalmologist, optometry `supposed facts’ about the eye, lens and its function and cause of unclear vision… are incorrect. Dr. Bates began teaching his patients to avoid eyeglasses, stop wearing their glasses. He taught them natural methods, including relaxation, correct use of the eyes, practice of normal, natural eye function to improve the vision. Dr. Bates cured his own eyesight, close vision, presbyopia. Distant vision also clear. He wrote an Article in his book, magazines describing how he did it with Memory, Imagination, Relaxation. ‘He controlled, changed the focus of light rays in his eyes with his mind.’ Dr. Bates performed experiments on the eyes of animals, and observed the function of thousands of animal, patient’s eyes under different conditions, situations, state of mind, body, thoughts and emotions. He used the retinoscope to see the refraction, focus of light rays in the eye under these various conditions. He proved that the refraction, clarity of vision changes often and when the eyes are left alone, eyeglasses avoided, the refraction, clarity returns to normal, clear vision. He proved that the state of the mind, thoughts change the refraction of the eye, clarity of vision. Example: when the mind, body is relaxed, positive, happy thoughts, emotions; the refraction is normal and vision is clear. When the mind, body is under stress, strain; the refraction is abnormal and vision is unclear. Dr. Bates discovered that the main cause of unclear vision and other eye problems is; Wearing Eyeglasses, Mental Strain, Mental, Visual Effort to See, Poor Vision Habits-incorrect use of the eyes; squinting, staring, not shifting-lack of normal, relaxed eye movements, lack of central-fixation, low memory, imagination… Perfect Sight occurs only with Perfect Relaxation (deep or active/dynamic relaxation – See Aldous Huxley’s book: The Art of Seeing. Relaxation occurs first and then the eyesight becomes clear, but practicing normal, relaxed eye function will also induce relaxation of mind and eyes.

Dr. Bates experiments on the outer eye muscles proved that tension in these muscles (mainly caused by eyeglasses, stress, strain in the mind, incorrect use of the eyes) disrupts their function, the eyes movement, accommodation, convergence, un-accommodation, divergence, causes pressure, tension, pulling on/in the eye, alters the eyes shape, (and lens, retina…), disrupts refraction, focus of light rays in the eye, on the retina and the clarity of vision. Blood, oxygen, fluid, tear circulation, production, nerve function in the eyes is also impaired. Mental strain, stress, strain in the mind, negative thoughts, emotions cause eye muscle tension. Neck muscle tension causes eye muscle tension and neck tension is caused by mental strain, negative thoughts, emotions, incorrect posture, injury: vertebrae out of alignment). Inner eye muscle tension; ciliary/lens, iris, tear gland muscle… also occurs. When the mind is strained, tense, the brain and retina do not communicate, function together at optimum level, function of the retina is lowered.

Relaxing the mind, eyes, returning the eyes to normal movement, function relaxes the outer, inner eye muscles, returns the eyes, lens, retina… to normal shape with normal eye pressure, circulation for healthy eyes, clear vision.

Dr. Bates proved that MENTAL STRAIN causes unclear vision. RELAXATION of the mind produces clear vision. Dr. Bates used his retinoscope to show that the refraction/focus of light rays in the eye are disrupted resulting in unclear vision when a person lies. Lying causes a bit of mental strain. When the person tells the truth-no strain occurs, the refraction is perfect and vision clear. Many things can cause mental strain. Avoid eyeglasses, remove the stress, strain and vision returns to clear. Practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement can uncover old, forgotten stressful experiences, resulting in strong emotions, feelings being remembered, activated. Once the memory, feelings are acknowledged, released and new positive thoughts, emotions placed into the brain, system; often the vision immediately returns to normal 20/20 and clearer. No other practice is needed. The eyes relax, move, `shift’… correct on their own.

Dr. Bates published Medical Articles, Books describing his experiments on the eyes, eye muscles, the effect of memory on the eyes, vision and the effect of the clarity of vision on the memory: 1891 `A Study of Images Reflected from the Cornea, Iris, Lens, and Sclera’ & `Memory as an Aid to Vision’. These Articles and others are placed in his 1920 book: The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment without Glasses, Better Eyesight Magazine and his Medical Articles Book. Dr. Bates created Natural Treatments, Activities to cure; reverse, correct and prevent unclear vision and other eye conditions based on his discoveries. This became know as `The Bates Method’.

Our mission is to help people obtain clear eyesight, healthy Eyes. Book prices are kept as low as possible. Full Color Paperback books. Black and White and Shorter versions of the Paperback are also created for a lower price. Clearsight Publishing Co. donates part of our book sale profits to help the blind, visually impaired: The Seeing Eye & Guiding Eyes For The Blind Guide Dog Schools, Perkins School for the Blind, DAV, ASPCA.

The secret for clear vision that most eye doctors hide; what is shifting? It is Eye Movement; moving ‘shifting’ the visual attention (Central Field) from part to part on a object to see it clear. Relax. Blink. This is the main thing that brings clear vision. Replace squinting, trying to see with shifting. Dr. Bates describes shifting in Better Eyesight Magazine; When you look at a chair; avoid trying to see all parts clear at the exact same time. Look at one part at a time. Look at, see clearest a small part, then move to another small part, then another… ; Look at a part of the chairs back, then move to a different part on the back, then another part, then shift to a part on a leg, then shift to a arm, then the top, then side… When looking at a part; continue to shift small part to small part on the part. The eyes truly shift ‘point to point’, jumping about with small, fast, relaxed, tiny movements (saccades); moving the eyes central field, its macula, fovea centralis in the center of the macula, eyes retina upon the object of visual attention. ‘Shifting and Central-Fixation.’ The eyes move automatically with the attention of the mind, brain; objects the brain, eyes are looking at and objects, subjects, thoughts occurring in the mind using the memory, imagination. Improving the function and relaxation of the mind, body, memory, imagination improves eye movement, the clarity of eyesight. Clear eyesight further improves all functions of the mind,/brain and relaxation. Each reinforce, improve the other. Relaxed, normal eye movements, relaxed mind relaxes the outer, inner eye muscles, pulls healthy light into the eyes, removes tension on/in the eye, improves eye circulation, returns the eye to normal shape with correct focus of light rays in the eye, clear eyesight. Practice shifting at close, middle, far distances for clear eyesight at all distances. Practice as a healthy habit, normal, correct eye (visual system) function. See for free shifting directions.

Test, practice with the eyes, vision in this way with; both eyes together, one eye at a time, both eyes together again. If vision is less clear in one eye at one or more distances; practice a bit more with the less clear vision eye to get the vision equal, perfect in the left and right eyes at all distances.

Read, shift on fine print for clear close vision if needed. This is basically the whole practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Relaxation of the mind and eyes (eye muscles, body, neck follows); this is Dr. Bates main treatment. When the mind relaxes, the vision is clear. I teach the students to “Practice, then Don’t practice”; Let the eyes function completely, truly natural, perfect without any conscious control, direction. Function of the mind/brain; memory, imagination and other functions that work with the eyes improve, increasing visual clarity.

The 8 Correct Vision Habits (natural, normal, relaxed eye, visual system function); Shifting, Central Fixation, Movement, Blinking, Abdominal Breathing, Switching Close and Far, Long Swing, Sway (Rock), Memory and Imagination, Sunning, Palming and other activities described in Clark Night’s the books are derived from Dr. Bates treatments, method and are listed in his Better Eyesight Magazines and books. Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books are included in the Paperback and E-Book to enable the Natural Eyesight Improvement student to learn directly from Ophthalmologist Bates, provide the reader with access to Dr. Bates treatments, teaching method, true Natural Eyesight Improvement. The reader can avoid fraudulent teachers, harmful methods.

Book Activities, Treatments; Shifting-Natural Eye movement, Central Fixation, Relaxation, Body Movement, Blinking, Memory and Imagination, Switching Close, Middle, Far for perfect equally clear vision, convergence, accommodation, divergence, un-accommodation in the left and right eyes at all distances, Strabismus; Crossed, Wandering Eyes Treatment, Left and Right Brain Hemisphere Activation and Integration, Color Treatment/Visualization, Alpha, Theta, Delta Brain Wave Deep Relaxation, Palming, Positive Thinking, Posture, Physical Therapy, Abdominal Breathing, Energy Circulation/Strengthening, Sunning, Saccadic Sunning, Reading Fine Print Clear, Reading Eyecharts Clear, EFT, Acupressure, and other Activities for clear Close and Distant, Day and Night Vision and Healthy Eyes. Eye Nutrition included.

Learn how to work with a Bates Method Behavioral Optometrist or Ophthalmologist for a complete eye exam and be prescribed reduced, weaker and weaker eyeglass lenses (if needed for driving, work safety…) temporarily as the vision is improving. Gain complete freedom from eyeglasses. Avoid harmful, unnecessary eye surgeries. This book includes William H. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines. Central Fixation Publishing Co., New York City, New York, USA.


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  1. Dr. Bates 1st Book; ‘Perfect Sight Without Glasses’ in the Original Antique Print from 1920+
    Red and Green… editions combined. Soon in Paperback on and GoogleBooks!
    Includes 132 PAGE TWO articles, practices by Dr. Bates from his Better Eyesight Magazine.

    Authored by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates.

    • THE DOCTOR’S STORY from Better Eyesight Magazine by Dr. Bates;

      One of the most striking cases of the relation of mind to vision that ever came to my attention was that of a physician whose mental troubles, at one time so serious that they suggested to him the idea that he might be going insane, were completely relieved when his sight became normal. He had been seen by many eye and nerve specialists before he came to me and consulted me at last, not because he had any faith in my methods, but because nothing else seemed to be left for him to do. He brought with him quite a collection of glasses prescribed by different men, no two of them being alike. He had worn glasses, he told me, for many months at a time without benefit and then he had left them off and had been apparently no worse. Outdoor life had also failed to help him. On the advice of some prominent neurologists he had even given up his practice for a couple of years to spend the time upon a ranch, but the vacation had done him no good.
      I examined his eyes and found no organic defects and no error of refraction. Yet his vision with each eye was only three-fourths of the normal, and he suffered from double vision and all sorts of unpleasant symptoms. He used to see people standing on their heads, and little devils dancing on the tops of the high buildings. He also had other illusions too numerous to mention in a short paper. At night his sight was so bad that he had difficulty in finding his way about, and when walking along a country road he believed that he saw better when he turned his eyes far to one side and viewed the road with the side of the retina instead of with the center. At variable intervals, without warning and without loss of consciousness, he had attacks of blindness. These caused him great uneasiness, for he, was a surgeon with a large and lucrative practice, and he feared that he might have an attack while operating.
      His memory was very poor. He could not remember the color of the eyes of any member of his family, although he had seen them all daily for years. Neither could he recall the color of his house, the number of rooms on the different floors, or other details. The faces and names of patients and friends he recalled with difficulty, or not at all.
      His treatment proved to be very difficult, chiefly because he had an infinite number of erroneous ideas about physiological optics in general and his own case in particular and insisted that all these should be discussed; while these discussions were going on he received no benefit. Every day for hours at a time over a long period he talked and argued. Never have I met a person whose logic was so wonderful, so apparently unanswerable, and yet so utterly wrong.
      His eccentric fixation was of such high degree that when he looked at a point forty-five degrees to one side of the big C on the Snellen test card, he saw the letter just as black as when he looked directly at it. The strain to do this was terrific, and produced much astigmatism; but the patient was unconscious of it, and could not be convinced that there was anything abnormal in the symptom. If he saw the letter at all, he argued, he must see it as black as it really was, because he was not color-blind. Finally he became able to look away from one of the smaller letters on the card and see it worse than when he looked directly at it. It took eight or nine months to accomplish this, but when it had been done the patient said that it seemed as if a great burden had been lifted from his mind. He experienced a wonderful feeling of rest and relaxation throughout his whole body.
      When asked to remember black with his eyes closed and covered he said he could not do so, and he saw every color but the black which one ought normally to see when the optic nerve is not subject to the stimulus of light. He had, however, been an enthusiastic football player at college, and he found at last that he could remember a black football. I asked him to imagine that this football had been thrown into the sea and that it was being carried outward by the tide, becoming constantly smaller but no less black. This he was able to do, and the strain floated with the football, until, by the time the latter had been reduced to the size of a period in a newspaper, it was entirely gone. The relief continued as long as he remembered the black spot, but as he could not remember it all the time, I suggested another method of gaining permanent relief. This was to make his sight voluntarily worse, a plan against which he protested with considerable emphasis.
      “Good heavens!” he said, “Is not my sight bad enough without making it worse.”
      After a week of argument, however, he consented to try the method, and the result was extremely satisfactory. After he had learned to see two or more lights where there was only one, by straining to see a point above the light while still trying to see the light as well as when looking directly at it, he became able to avoid the unconscious strain that had produced his double and multiple vision and was not troubled by these superfluous images any more. In a similar manner other illusions were prevented.
      One of the last illusions to disappear was his belief that an effort was required to remember black. His logic on this point was overwhelming, but after many demonstrations he was convinced that no effort was required to let go, and when he realized this, both his vision and his mental condition immediately improved.
      He finally became able to read 20/10 or more, and although more than fifty-five years of age, he also read diamond type at from six to twenty-four inches. His night blindness was relieved, his attacks of day blindness ceased, and he told me the color of the eyes of his wife and children. One day he said to me:
      “Doctor, I thank you for what you have done for my sight; but no words can express the gratitude I feel for what you have done for my mind.”
      Some years later he called with his heart full of gratitude, because there had been no relapse.


      I may claim to have discovered the fact that telling lies is bad for the eyes. Whatever bearing this circumstance may have upon the universality of defects of vision, it can easily be demonstrated that it is impossible to say what is not true, even with no intent to deceive, or even to imagine a falsehood, without producing an error of refraction.
      If a patient can read all the small letters on the bottom line of the test card, and either deliberately or carelessly miscalls any of them, the retinoscope will indicate an error of refraction. In numerous cases patients have been asked to state their ages incorrectly, or to try to imagine that they were a year older, or a year younger, than they actually were, and in every case when they did this the retinoscope indicated an error of refraction. A patient twenty-five years old had no error of refraction when he looked at a blank wall without trying to see; but if he said he was twenty-six, or if someone else said he was twenty-six, or if he tried to imagine that he was twenty-six, he became myopic. The same thing happened when he stated or tried to imagine that he was twenty-four. When he stated or remembered the truth his vision was normal, but when he stated or imagined an error he had an error of refraction.
      Two little girl patients arrived one after the other one day, and the first accused the second of having stopped at Huyler’s for an ice-cream soda, which she had been instructed not to do, being somewhat too much addicted to sweets. The second denied the charge, and the first, who had used the retinoscope and knew what it did to people who told lies, said:
      “Do take the retinoscope and find out.”
      “I followed the suggestion, and having thrown the light into the second child’s eyes, I asked:
      “Did you go to Huyler’s?”
      “Yes,” was the response, and the retinoscope indicated no error of refraction.
      “Did you have an ice-cream soda?”
      “No,” Said the child; but the tell-tale shadow moved in a direction opposite to that of the mirror, showing that she had become myopic and was not telling the truth.
      The child blushed when I told her this and acknowledged that the retinoscope was right, for she had heard of the
      ways of the uncanny instrument before and did not know what else it might do to her if she said anything more that was not true.
      The fact is that it requires an effort to state what is not true, and this effort always results in a deviation from the normal in the refraction of the eye. So sensitive is the test that if the subject, whether his vision is ordinarily normal, or not, pronounces the initials of his name correctly while looking at a blank surface without trying to see, there will be no error of refraction; but if he miscalls one initial, even without any consciousness of effort, and with full knowledge that he is deceiving no one, myopia will be produced.

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    better eyesight without glasses by Ophthalmologist William Horatio Bates
    better eyesight

    Natural Solutions to these Conditions, Questions;

    See better how to improve eyesight eyesight eye sight Bates Method natural vision improve eyesight improve eyesight naturally vision correction vision improvement vision therapy vision problem improve vision astigmatism exercise improve your eyesight laser eye surgery – find a natural alternative lasik eye surgery – find a natural alternative laser eye center – find a natural alternative laser eye correction – find a natural alternative strabismus cross eye lazy eye eye muscle surgery – find a natural alternative see clearly better eyesight better vision eye correction Sight glasses eyeglasses – find a natural alternative eye exercise eye exercises eye problems eye cost surgery – find a natural alternative see better see clearer Improve Your Vision Eyesight Secrets Improve Vision Need Improved Vision? See Without Glasses Improve Your Vision Fast Clear Eyesight easy natural eyesight improvement bates method natural eyesight improvement methods better eyesight magazine joy of eyesight improve your eyesight natural vision improvement natural vision education eyesight improvement exercises
    In German

    Verbesserung der Augen-vision
    Verbesserung der Auge macht
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Verbesserung der Auge-vision
    Verbesserung der natürlichen Auge
    Verbesserung der Augen
    Verbesserung der Auge
    wie Sehkraft zu erhöhen
    Sehkraft natürlich erhöhen
    Vision natürlich erhöhen
    wie Sie Ihre Sehkraft zu erhöhen
    Verbesserung der natürlichen Sehkraft
    Verbesserung der natürlichen vision
    Sehvermögen ohne Brille zu erhöhen
    wie die Sehkraft zu erhöhen
    wie meine Sehkraft zu erhöhen
    Sehkraft natürlich erhöhen
    Nahrung, Nährstoffe zur Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Übungen zur Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Augenübungen zur Verbesserung der vision
    Vision Verbesserung Übungen
    Augenübungen zur Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Übung zur Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft Übungen
    natürliche Vision Verbesserung Übungen
    Sehkraft Verbesserung Übungen
    Übungen zur Verbesserung der vision
    Augenübungen für Myopie
    Auge auszuüben, um die Vision zu verbessern
    Übung für die Augen
    Augenübungen verbessern vision
    Lazy Augenübungen
    Auge auszuüben, um die Sehkraft zu verbessern
    Augenübungen für Lazy eye
    Bates Augenübungen
    Natürliche Alternativen zu diesen Übungen
    Laser-Chirurgie für Augen
    natürliche Alternativen zu diesen Augenerkrankungen ohne Chirurgie, Brille korrigieren
    Faules Auge Cross-Eye
    Wandernde Auge
    Überanstrengung der Augen
    Blick in die Alters-
    Kopfschmerzen vom Spannungstyp
    Arme, geringe Nachtsicht
    Kleingedruckte lesen vision
    Sehvermögen ohne Brille
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft ohne Brille
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft ohne Brille
    sehen ohne Brille
    perfekt sehen ohne Brille
    besser sehen ohne Brille
    Vision natürlich verbessern
    20 20 und klarere vision ohne Brille
    perfekte Sicht ohne Brille
    Verbesserung sehen ohne Brille
    wie meine Sehkraft verbessert
    Natürlich verbessern Sehkraft
    die bates-Methode
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    wie Sie Ihre Sehkraft ohne Brille zu verbessern
    Verbesserung der natürlichen Sehkraft
    verbessern Sie Ihre sehen ohne Brille, Kontaktlinsen
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Optische Brillen
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft natürlich
    wie Sie natürlich Ihre Sehkraft zu verbessern
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft natürlich
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft
    Brille online
    Sie können Ihre Sehkraft verbessern
    Brille online, low-cost
    Vision Brille
    Brille online kaufen
    Verbesserung der vision
    Wie können Sie Ihre Sehkraft verbessern
    sehen ohne Brille
    Verbesserung der Sehkraft natürlich
    Brille Rahmen
    Gewusst wie: verbessern der vision
    Kostenlose Gläser
    Günstige Gläser
    Online Brille
    besser sehen ohne Brille
    perfekte Sicht ohne Brille e-Buch
    Die Heilung der unvollkommenen Sicht Bücher
    wie Sie Ihre Sehkraft verbessern
    wie Sie Ihre Sehkraft zu verbessern
    verbessern Sie Ihre Sehkraft
    Optische Brillen online
    ist es möglich, Ihre Sehkraft zu verbessern
    wie Sie aus den Augen zu verbessern
    neue Brille
    bessere Sehkraft ohne Brille bates
    brauche ich eine Brille
    billige Brillen
    besser sehen ohne Brille durch den Augenarzt William Horatio Bates
    bessere Sehkraft

    In Italian

    come migliorare la visione di occhi
    miglioramento dell’occhio
    come migliorare la potenza dell’occhio
    come migliorare la vista
    miglioramento di visione dell’occhio
    miglioramento naturale occhio
    come migliorare gli occhi
    migliorare l’occhio
    come aumentare la vista
    come aumentare naturalmente vista
    come aumentare naturalmente la visione
    come aumentare la vostra vista
    miglioramento di vista naturale
    miglioramento della visione naturale
    Metodo Bates
    aumentare la vista senza occhiali
    come aumentare la vista
    come aumentare la mia vista
    aumentare naturalmente vista
    alimenti, nutrienti per aumentare la vista
    esercizi per migliorare la vista
    esercizi di vista
    occhio esercizi per migliorare la visione
    esercizi di miglioramento visione
    occhio esercizi per migliorare la vista
    occhio esercizi
    esercizio per migliorare la vista
    migliorare esercizi vista
    esercizi di miglioramento visione naturale
    esercizio occhio
    esercizi di miglioramento vista
    esercizi per migliorare la visione
    occhio esercizi per miopia
    occhio esercizio per migliorare la visione
    esercizio per gli occhi
    occhio esercizi migliorare la visione
    esercizi di occhio pigro
    occhio esercizio per migliorare la vista
    esercizi di occhio per occhio pigro
    Bates occhio esercizi
    Alternative naturali a tutti questi esercizi
    chirurgia dell’occhio
    trattamento laser occhio
    chirurgia refrattiva
    LASIK chirurgia dell’occhio
    chirurgia dell’occhio del laser
    trattamento laser occhio
    chirurgia laser per gli occhi
    laser occhi;
    alternative naturali per correggere tutte queste condizioni occhio senza chirurgia, occhiali
    Occhio pigro Cross-Eye
    Occhio errante
    Affaticamento della vista
    Vista di vecchiaia
    Degenerazione maculare
    Cefalea tensiva
    Sensibilità alla luce
    Povera, scarsa visione notturna
    Visione di lettura, stampa fine
    Vista senza occhiali
    migliorare la vista senza occhiali
    come migliorare la vista senza occhiali
    vedere senza occhiali
    vista perfetta senza occhiali
    migliore visione senza occhiali
    migliorare la visione naturalmente
    20 20 e più chiara visione senza occhiali
    vista perfetta senza occhiali
    miglioramento della visione senza occhiali
    come migliorare la mia vista
    Naturalmente migliorare la vista
    il metodo di bates
    come migliorare la vista
    occhio esercizi
    come migliorare la vista senza occhiali
    miglioramento di vista naturale
    migliorare la vostra visione senza occhiali, lenti a contatto
    migliorare la vista
    occhiali da vista
    Metodo di Bates
    migliorare la vista naturalmente
    come migliorare naturalmente la tua vista
    occhiali da vista
    come migliorare la vista naturalmente
    come migliorare la vista dell’occhio
    migliorare la vista
    occhiali da vista online
    può migliorare la vista
    occhiali online, basso costi
    occhiali Vision
    alternativa occhiali computer
    comprare occhiali online
    migliorare la visione
    come si può migliorare la vista
    visione senza occhiali
    migliorare la vista naturalmente
    montature occhiali
    come migliorare la visione
    occhiali gratis
    occhiali a buon mercato
    occhiali da vista
    occhiali a foro stenopeico
    occhiali online
    migliore vista senza occhiali
    vista perfetta senza occhiali e-libro
    La cura dei libri di vista imperfetta
    come migliorare la tua vista
    come migliorare la tua vista
    migliorare la vista
    occhiali da vista online
    occhiali da vista
    è possibile migliorare la vista
    come migliorare la vista
    nuovi occhiali
    alternativa occhiali prisma
    bates vista meglio senza occhiali
    montature per occhiali
    Ho bisogno di occhiali
    occhiali da vista economici
    migliore vista senza occhiali di oftalmologo William Horatio Bates
    vista migliore

    In Spanish

    Cómo mejorar la visión de los ojos
    mejora del ojo
    Cómo mejorar la potencia del ojo
    Cómo mejorar la vista
    mejora de la visión del ojo
    mejora de ojo natural
    Cómo mejorar los ojos
    mejorar el ojo
    ¿Cómo aumentar la vista
    ¿Cómo aumentar la vista naturalmente
    ¿Cómo aumentar la visión naturalmente
    ¿Cómo aumentar su vista
    mejora vista natural
    mejora de la visión natural
    Método Bates
    aumentar la vista sin gafas
    ¿Cómo aumentar la vista
    ¿Cómo aumentar mi vista
    para aumentar la vista naturalmente
    alimentos, alimentos para aumentar la vista
    ejercicios para mejorar la vista
    ejercicios de vista
    ejercicios de ojo para mejorar la visión
    ejercicios de mejora de visión
    ejercicios de ojo para mejorar la vista
    ejercicios de ojo
    ejercicio para mejorar la vista
    mejorar ejercicios de vista
    ejercicios de mejora de visión natural
    ejercicio de ojo
    ejercicios de mejora de vista
    ejercicios para mejorar la visión
    ejercicios de ojos para miopía
    ojo ejercicio para mejorar la visión
    ejercicio para los ojos
    ejercicios de ojo mejoran la visión
    ejercicios de ojo perezoso
    ojo ejercicio para mejorar la vista
    ejercicios de ojo por ojo perezoso
    Bates ejercicios de ojo
    Alternativas naturales a todos estos ejercicios
    cirugía ocular
    tratamiento del ojo del laser
    cirugía ocular con láser
    cirugía ocular LASIK
    cirugía ocular con láser
    tratamiento del ojo del laser
    cirugía láser de ojos
    ojos láser;
    alternativas naturales para corregir todas estas condiciones ojo sin cirugía, gafas
    Ojo vago perezoso
    Ojo errante
    Fatiga ocular
    Vista de la tercera edad
    Degeneración macular
    Cefalea tensional
    Sensibilidad a la luz
    Visión nocturna pobre, baja
    Visión de lectura, letra
    Vista sin gafas
    mejorar la vista sin gafas
    Cómo mejorar la vista sin gafas
    ver sin lentes
    visión perfecta sin gafas
    mejorar la visión sin gafas
    mejorar la visión naturalmente
    20 20 y clara visión sin gafas
    visión perfecta sin gafas
    mejorar la visión sin gafas
    Cómo mejorar mi vista
    mejorar la vista naturalmente
    el método bates
    Cómo mejorar la vista
    ejercicios de ojo
    Cómo mejorar la vista sin gafas
    mejora vista natural
    mejorar su visión sin gafas, lentes de contacto
    mejorar la vista
    gafas graduadas
    método Bates
    mejorar la vista naturalmente
    Cómo mejorar la vista naturalmente
    Cómo mejorar la vista naturalmente
    Cómo mejorar la vista del ojo
    mejora de la vista
    anteojos en línea
    puede mejorar su vista
    gafas en línea, bajo costos
    gafas de visión
    alternativa de gafas de computadora
    comprar gafas online
    mejorar la visión
    ¿Cómo puede mejorar su vista
    visión sin gafas
    mejorar la vista naturalmente
    gafas de Marcos
    Cómo mejorar la visión
    gafas gratis
    gafas baratas
    anteojos recetados
    gafas estenopeicas
    gafas en línea
    mejor vista sin gafas
    perfecta vista sin gafas e-libro
    La curación de libros vista imperfecta
    Cómo mejorar tu vista
    Cómo mejorar tu vista
    mejorar tu vista
    gafas graduadas en línea
    ¿es posible mejorar tu vista
    Cómo mejorar la vista
    nuevas gafas
    alternativa de lentes de prisma
    mejor vista sin gafas bates
    Marcos de anteojos
    ¿necesito lentes
    gafas baratas
    mejor vista sin gafas por oftalmólogo William Horatio Bates
    mejor vista

    In Russian

    как улучшить зрение глаз
    улучшение глаз
    как повысить мощность глаз
    как улучшить зрение
    улучшение зрения глаз
    улучшение природного глаз
    как улучшить глаза
    улучшить глаз
    как увеличить зрение
    как увеличить зрение естественно
    как увеличить видение естественно
    как увеличить ваше зрение
    улучшение естественных зрение
    улучшение естественных видение
    Метод Бейтса
    увеличить зрение без очков
    как увеличить зрение
    как увеличить мое зрение
    увеличить зрение естественно
    продукты питания, питательные вещества для увеличения зрение
    упражнения для улучшения зрение
    зрение упражнения
    глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
    видение повышение упражнения
    глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
    глаз упражнения
    упражнения для улучшения зрения
    улучшить зрение упражнения
    Природные видение повышение упражнения
    Упражнение для глаз
    упражнения улучшения зрение
    упражнения для улучшения зрения
    глаз упражнения для близорукости
    глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
    упражнения для глаз
    глаз упражнения улучшают зрение
    ленивый глаз упражнения
    глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
    глаз упражнения для ленивых глаз
    Бейтс глаз упражнения
    Природные альтернативы все эти упражнения
    хирургия глаза
    Лазерное лечение глаз
    Лазерная хирургия глаза
    LASIK глазной хирургии
    Лазерная хирургия глаза
    Лазерное лечение глаз
    Лазерная хирургия глаза
    глаза лазера;
    природные альтернативы, чтобы исправить все эти условия глаз без хирургического вмешательства, очки
    Перекрестные ленивый глаз
    Блуждающих глаз
    Утомление глаз
    Старость прицел
    Дегенерация желтого пятна
    Головная боль напряжения
    Чувствительность к свету
    Бедные, низкий ночного видения
    Чтение видение, штраф печати
    Зрение без очков
    улучшить зрение без очков
    как улучшить зрение без очков
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    20 20 и более четкое зрение без очков
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    как улучшить мое зрение
    естественно улучшить зрение
    Метод Бейтса
    как улучшить зрение
    глаз упражнения
    как улучшить ваше зрение без очков
    улучшение естественных зрение
    улучшить ваше зрение без очков, контактные линзы
    улучшить зрение
    Метод Бейтса
    улучшить зрение естественным
    как естественно улучшить ваше зрение
    как улучшить зрение естественно
    как улучшить зрение
    улучшать зрение
    Очки онлайн
    Вы можете улучшить ваше зрение
    Очки онлайн, низкая стоимость
    Компьютерные очки альтернатива
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    Оправы для очков
    как улучшить зрение
    Бесплатные очки
    Дешевые очки
    рецепт очки
    Пинхол очки
    Очки онлайн
    лучше зрение без очков
    идеальное зрение без очков e книга
    Лечение несовершенный вид книги
    как улучшить ваше зрение
    как улучшить ваше зрение
    улучшить ваше зрение
    Очки онлайн
    Есть ли возможность улучшить ваше зрение
    как улучшить зрение
    новые очки
    Призма очки альтернатива
    лучше зрение без очков Бейтс
    линзы для очков
    мне нужны очки
    Дешевые очки
    лучше зрение без очков офтальмолог Уильям Горацио Бейтс
    лучше зрение

    In Chinese

    lasik 眼科手术
    激光的眼睛 ;
    穷人、 低夜视
    20 20 和清晰视觉不戴眼镜
    改善你的视力不戴眼镜、 隐形眼镜
    在线、 低成本的眼镜
    好视力眼镜由眼科医生威廉 · 霍雷肖贝茨

    In French

    Comment faire pour améliorer la vision des yeux
    amélioration de l’oeil
    Comment améliorer la puissance de le œil
    Comment faire pour améliorer la vue
    amélioration de vision oculaire
    amélioration de le œil naturel
    Comment améliorer les yeux
    améliorer l’oeil
    Comment faire pour augmenter l’acuité visuelle
    Comment faire pour augmenter l’acuité visuelle naturellement
    Comment augmenter naturellement la vision
    Comment augmenter votre vue
    amélioration de l’acuité visuelle naturelle
    amélioration de la vision naturelle
    Méthode de Bates
    augmenter l’acuité visuelle sans verres
    Comment faire pour augmenter l’acuité visuelle
    Comment faire pour augmenter ma vue
    pour augmenter l’acuité visuelle naturellement
    aliments, nutriments pour augmenter l’acuité visuelle
    exercices pour améliorer la vue
    exercices de l’acuité visuelle
    exercices oculaires pour améliorer la vision
    exercices d’amélioration de vision
    exercices oculaires pour améliorer la vue
    exercices oculaires
    exercice pour améliorer la vue
    améliorer les exercices de l’acuité visuelle
    exercices d’amélioration de la vision naturelle
    exercice de l’oeil
    exercices d’amélioration de la vue
    exercices pour améliorer la vision
    exercices oculaires pour myopie
    yeux exercer pour améliorer la vision
    exercice pour les yeux
    exercices oculaires améliorer la vision
    exercices de l’amblyopie
    yeux exercer pour améliorer la vue
    exercices d’oeil pour oeil paresseux
    Ben exercices oculaires
    Naturelles alternatives à tous ces exercices
    chirurgie oculaire
    traitement laser des yeux
    chirurgie oculaire au laser
    chirurgie des yeux Lasik
    chirurgie laser des yeux
    traitement laser des yeux
    chirurgie au laser pour les yeux
    laser yeux ;
    alternatives naturelles pour corriger toutes ces affections oculaires sans chirurgie, lunettes
    Vision croisée vision oeil paresseux
    Oeil errant
    Fatigue oculaire
    Vue de la vieillesse
    Dégénérescence maculaire
    Céphalées de tension
    Sensibilité à la lumière
    Vision nocturne pauvre, faible
    Vision de la lecture, petits caractères
    Acuité visuelle sans verres
    améliorer la vue sans lunettes
    Comment faire pour améliorer la vue sans lunettes
    Voir sans lunettes
    vision parfaite sans lunettes
    meilleure vision sans lunettes
    améliorer naturellement la vision
    20 20 et plus claire vision sans lunettes
    vue parfaite sans lunettes
    amélioration de la vision sans lunettes
    Comment améliorer ma vue
    naturellement améliorer la vue
    la méthode de bates
    Comment faire pour améliorer la vue
    exercices oculaires
    Comment améliorer votre vue sans lunettes
    amélioration de l’acuité visuelle naturelle
    Améliorez votre vision sans lunettes, lentilles de contact
    améliorer la vue
    lunettes correctrices
    méthode de Bates
    améliorer la vue naturellement
    Comment améliorer naturellement votre vue
    lunettes de vue
    Comment faire pour améliorer la vue naturellement
    Comment améliorer la vue
    améliorer l’acuité visuelle
    lunettes de vue en ligne
    vous pouvez améliorer votre vue
    lunettes en ligne, à faible coûts
    lunettes de vision
    remplacement de verres d’ordinateur
    acheter des lunettes en ligne
    améliorer la vision
    Comment pouvez-vous améliorer votre vue
    vision sans lunettes
    améliorer la vue naturellement
    montures de lunettes
    Comment faire pour améliorer la vision
    lunettes gratuits
    lunettes pas chers
    santé lunettes
    lunettes en ligne
    meilleure acuité visuelle sans verres
    vue parfaite sans lunettes e-livre
    La cure de livres vue imparfaite
    Comment améliorer votre vue
    Comment améliorer votre vue
    améliorer votre vue
    lunettes de prescription en ligne
    est-il possible d’améliorer votre vue
    Comment améliorer la vue
    nouvelles lunettes
    remplacement de verres à prisme
    Ben de la meilleure acuité visuelle sans verres
    montures de lunettes
    J’ai besoin de lunettes
    lunettes pas chers
    meilleure acuité visuelle sans verres par ophtalmologue William Horatio Bates
    meilleure acuité visuelle


    jak poprawić wzrok oczy
    oko poprawy
    Jak zwiększyć moc oczu
    jak poprawić wzrok
    poprawy widzenia oka
    naturalny oko poprawy
    jak poprawić oczy
    poprawić oko
    Jak zwiększyć wzrok
    Jak zwiększyć wzrok naturalnie
    Jak zwiększyć wizji naturalnie
    Jak zwiększyć swój wzrok
    poprawę wzroku naturalnych
    naturalne widzenie poprawy
    Metoda Batesa
    wzrost wzrok bez okularów
    Jak zwiększyć wzrok
    Jak zwiększyć mój wzrok
    Aby zwiększyć wzrok naturalnie
    spożywczych, składników odżywczych, zwiększenie wzrok
    ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
    ćwiczenia wzroku
    oko ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
    wizja poprawy ćwiczenia
    ćwiczenia oczu, aby poprawić wzrok
    ćwiczenia oczu
    ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
    poprawa wzroku ćwiczenia
    naturalne widzenie poprawy ćwiczenia
    ćwiczenia oczu
    ćwiczenia poprawa wzroku
    ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
    ćwiczenia oczu na krótkowzroczność
    oko ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
    ćwiczenia dla oczu
    ćwiczenia oczu poprawić wzrok
    leniwe oko ćwiczenia
    oko ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
    ćwiczenia oczu leniwe oko
    Bates ćwiczenia oczu
    Naturalne alternatywy dla wszystkich tych ćwiczeń
    Chirurgia oka
    Leczenie laserowe oczu
    chirurgii laserowej oka
    LASIK chirurgii oka
    chirurgii laserowej oka
    laseroterapii oka
    chirurgii laserowej oka
    laserowe oczu;
    naturalne alternatywy do skorygowania tych warunków oko bez operacji, okulary
    Leniwe oko krzyż oczu
    Oko wędrówki
    Zmęczenie oczu
    Dalekowzroczność starcza
    Starość wzrok
    Zwyrodnienie plamki żółtej
    Tension głowy
    Wrażliwości na światło
    Biedny, niskie noktowizor
    Czytanie wizji, drobnym drukiem
    Wzrok bez okularów
    poprawy wzroku bez okularów
    jak poprawić wzrok bez okularów
    widzieć bez okularów
    doskonały wzrok bez okularów
    lepsze widzenie bez okularów
    naturalnie poprawić wzrok
    20 20 i wyraźniej wizji bez okularów
    doskonałym wzroku bez okularow
    poprawa widzenia bez okularów
    jak poprawić mój wzrok
    naturalnie poprawić wzrok
    Metoda Batesa
    jak poprawić wzrok
    ćwiczenia oczu
    jak poprawić wzrok bez okularów
    poprawę wzroku naturalnych
    poprawić swoją vision bez okularów, soczewek kontaktowych
    poprawić wzrok
    okulary korekcyjne
    Metoda Batesa
    naturalnie poprawić wzrok
    jak naturalnie poprawić wzrok
    jak poprawić wzrok naturalnie
    jak do poprawy wzroku
    poprawa wzroku
    okulary online
    można poprawić swój wzrok
    okulary online, niski koszt
    Okulary noktowizyjne
    komputer okulary alternatywa
    Kup okulary online
    poprawić wzrok
    jak można poprawić swój wzrok
    Wizja bez okularów
    naturalnie poprawić wzrok
    ramki okularów
    jak poprawić wzrok
    Darmowe okulary
    Tanie okulary
    okulary na receptę
    okulary ajurwedyjskie
    okulary Online
    lepszy wzrok bez okularów
    doskonały celownik bez okularów e książki
    Leczyć niedoskonałe rzut oka książek
    jak poprawić swój wzrok oko
    jak poprawić wzrok
    poprawić wzrok
    okulary online
    jest to możliwe, aby poprawić swój wzrok
    jak poprawić wzrok
    nowe okulary
    pryzmat okulary alternatywa
    lepszy wzrok bez okularów Batesa
    oprawek do okularów
    potrzebne okulary
    Tanie okulary
    lepszy wzrok bez okularów przez okulista William Horatio Bates
    lepszy wzrok

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