Astigmatism – Natural Vision Correction Without Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, Surgery

All Correct, Natural Relaxed Vision Habits; Shifting, Central-Fixation, (Centralizing) Relaxation… and Natural Eyesight Improvement Activities Remove Astigmatism.

The astigmatism wheel tests for astigmatism.

Shifting, tracing on the lines, circles on the wheels helps to remove astigmatism.

See the astigmatism wheel pictures below;


Astigmatism Chart - Tracing, Shifting, Swings 1

Astigmatism Chart - Tracing, Shifting, Swings 2

Print the astigmatism wheels large on 8 x 11 paper for practice at far and closer distances.
Print a small copy for practice at close and reading distances up to 3, 2 inches from eyes.

Place the wheel at eye level.
Stand and look at the wheel.
Shift, trace on the lines, circles.
Shift, trace on one line or circle at a time.
Use correct vision habits.

Example; shift on the horizontal line.
Move the eyes, center of the visual field left and right along the line.

Move the head/face with the eyes.
Remember, imagine the line dark black, straight and clear.
Do this with the eyes; open, closed, open.
Practice with both eyes together, then one eye at a time, only left, then only right…, then with both eyes together again.

Next; practice on a vertical or diagonal line.
Practice on all the lines one line at a time.
Remember to use central fixation; see one small part of the line darkest black and clearest at a time in the center of the visual field.
The center of the visual field moves with the eyes as the eyes move, shift/trace from part to part.

Now; practice on the circles, one circle at a time.
Trace (move the center of the visual field) on the black ink around a circle counterclockwise and clockwise.
Shift on a circle; top and bottom, left and right, diagonally…

Move the head/face with the eyes.
Shift, trace a circle and remember, imagine the circle dark black, clear and perfectly round.
Practice with the eyes open, closed, open.
Practice with both eyes, one eye at a time, then both eyes together again.

(The circle may appear oval; the width or the height too long if the eyes contain astigmatism and/or it may appear uneven, wavy, some areas clear, some areas blurry…)
Imagining the circle round, dark black, clear removes the astigmatism and it will eventually be seen round and clear.
Use central fixation; see one small part of the circle darkest black and clearest at a time in the center of the visual field.

Shift or trace continually, relaxed from part to part on the circle.
The clear center of the visual field moves with the eyes from part to part.

When the vision is unclear, contains astigmatism, other conditions, the person might tend to avoid moving the eyes in specific directions.
This cause’s eye muscle tension, more astigmatism, blur.
Shifting, tracing on the circles, and on the lines horizontally, vertical, diagonally gets the eyes moving easily in any direction, relaxes the eye muscles, improves eye muscle function, and brings the eye, cornea to its correct round, smooth, even shape for removal of astigmatism and, also improves convergence, divergence, accommodation, un-accommodation and the clarity of vision.

Keep the astigmatism wheel charts on a wall at home, work and glance at them sometimes (shift, remember, imagine it dark black, clear, correct shape) to keep the vision clear.

It is normal for the eye to experience a tiny bit of temporary astigmatism occasionally.
This is due to the cornea being an added shape to the round eye.
The shape of the eye, cornea can also change frequently, causing a little astigmatism temporarily due to stress, diet, squinting, staring…

Shifting on round objects; a ball, globe, circle keeps the eye and cornea in its normal healthy,
round, even shape for correct focus of light rays onto the eyes retina. See picture;


See entire directions, more pictures here;
And the GuestPage; See 2 threads.

Three Videos;


A Simple Natural Cure For Blindness, Bleeding in the Retina


A young lady called me on the phone over a year ago. She had been contacting Natural Vision Teachers for help with an eye condition called CSR. (Central serous retinopathy)

The condition occurred on and off for some time. Then it progressed, she had lost almost 90% sight in one eye and the other eye was about 50% sight with the rest of the sight in the eyes 50% blurred. Areas of her field were patchy; some with vision, others with no vision.
She had worn reading glasses (plus lenses, magnifiers) for 20 years. Stronger and stronger lenses as time passed. She has a nervous temperament due to unfortunate experiences in life, many duties, and this may have caused the initial slight blur years ago that lead to the first pair of glasses. The Ophthalmologist had recently given her another stronger prescription and told her to keep wearing the glasses. He told her to wait for a certain level of further impairment of the CSR condition. Then he would do an operation to seal the leaking blood vessels in the retina. The lady had also developed the habit of reading with a magnifying glass.
None of the Natural Vision teachers she contacted (some famous) would help her unless she paid money. One teacher wanted $80.00 hour. Another charges about $150.00 hr.
The patient is a working mother. Lost her job due to the condition and could not afford to pay for Natural Vision lessons.
As true Bates Method practitioners know; eyeglasses, especially as they become stronger cause injury to the eyes health; often the retina, lens, cornea and the circulation, optic nerve.
The Natural Vision teachers and the eye doctor never told her the simple things to help reverse the eye condition; to stop wearing glasses. To learn to relax and to shift, use central-fixation and to avoid effort to see, avoid squinting, staring.
I taught her these basic practices in only about 30 minutes. She took the advice and stopped wearing the glasses. She does not like to practice any of the Bates Method but I was able to get her to palm and shift and understand central-fixation. We also discovered that a homeopathy doctor was giving her some very toxic herbs, a variety, many all mixed together. One causes high pressure in the eyes and impairs circulation. Many other side effects. This lady is in her early 30’s and as I was myself when young, she believed in every natural doctor, listening to their every word wide-eyed and trusting. It took a while to completely convince her to stop all the herbal stuff but she eventually quit the main ones that were causing health problems.
Then I did not hear from her for about 3 months. She called one day and told me she had stayed away from the glasses completely and her vision had returned almost 100%!
She had a lot of blur but could get around, the main thing was fixed; step #1; the blindness was gone and her eye doctor said the CSR had healed so the operation was dropped. He warned that CSR can heal on its own and return.
As more time passed the blur cleared to about 20/40-20/50. She still had some trouble reading up close. I did not hear from her for a about 5 months. Then I had a ‘feeling’ to call her. I did and she said the CSR had returned but not much. I asked if she had gone back to glasses? She said no but stated she had been using a strong magnifying glass often to read with. I described to her how a magnifying glass is like eyeglasses (+ plus lenses) and can cause the same eye-vision problems that the glasses caused.
She stopped using the magnifying glass. Contacted me a couple months ago; CSR healed again.
Only problem is she hates having blurry close vision. It’s hard to get her to practice the Bates Method. She is very busy. If she would practice it more I am sure the close vision would reach complete clarity and there will be no temptation to use the magnifier.

I have had some students that tell me they are not wearing eyeglasses but I then find out later they are sneaking use of glasses. This prevents improvement.
Weaker reduced 20/40 temporary eyeglass prescriptions can be used when there is no advanced blur, no eye health problems (if needed for safe driving, work…) but 20/20 and stronger glasses will prevent improvement and lead to increased eye health impairment, vision impairment.
In this lady’s case ABSOLUTELY NO GLASSES had to be the rule. It saved her eyesight. She is a sweet person, her family loves and needs her and she deserves to be happy.
I have her e-mails stating this experience but she strongly dislikes speaking of the condition. I have met a lot of people like this; having to talk or write about their condition brings back the unhappy memories and often the intense fear, anxiety, depression. I understand and respect this.

I am asking students, (many now teachers) to tell their stories. New student; Story is amazing! From -4 to throwing away his glasses and getting more and more perfect clear flashes in less than a month. He learns fast, practices the training and I know he will be a great teacher.

A Jewish man was 80% blind in one eye, 100% the other. He cured himself with the Bates Method. Cured his lady friend who had a similar condition. Main treatment; sunlight and no glasses .

Another case of glaucoma, cataract, retina blindness, advanced myopia, turned into also farsight; cured by the Bates Method, avoiding glasses.
Then relapse after returning to stronger -10 glasses after eye doctor’s advice. Saw big flashing blue… lights, bouts of blindness couple times and doctor just increased the eyeglass prescription strength, told him to keep wearing the glasses. Blood vessel in retina burst, black cataract in both eyes, glaucoma returned. Had to have retina surgery. Now afraid of doctors, won’t get the cataracts removed. He is beginning to recover, was seeing some light but now nothing. Much problem with memory, imagination.
In this case I wish he would get the cataract operations and opt for a natural bendable human donor lens replacement if insurance covers it. He’s in senior years so…
He’s a Mormon from Utah. Taught me an organic sea salt and water cure from the bible that greatly helped my neck injury heal. Another simple cure that medical doctors don’t want you to know about. What is the first thing they give you in the hospital; saline (salt) IV. Then they tell you to avoid salt.

(A eyesight forum owner talked natural vision teachers, including me into signing over blog articles we write on his blog to him. This takes away our right as authors, teachers. Then we find out he’s altering them. I have removed my articles from his forum and posing all here from this date onward. This way I can be sure they are not altered.
Be aware that my posts on other person’s forums, groups might be altered by the owners without my permission.
I am trying to move all here but it’s about 1500 posts since 2008 so I’m not sure if that will ever get done. All the posts are derived from my books, Dr. Bates books, magazines, my website so it’s really just a repost to people asking for eyesight help on those other forums. You can obtain the true, unedited articles, training here on our GuestPage and website; .)

Improve Your Accommodation, Convergence, Un-Accommodation, Un-Convergence (Divergence) For Faster, Easy Vision Improvement

This video shows a simple Natural Vision Improvement exercise that brings clear eyesight at all Distances. Looking at objects at different distances, switching the attention back and forth is an old time effective practice taught by many eyesight teachers, Behavioral Optometrists. Some teachers state it is a exercise so is not truly the Bates Method but; if you search in Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines you will find him and his assistant Emily Lierman teaching people to look at close and far eye charts or look at a close object, then out a window to a far object beyond it, or from a close fine print card to a far object. This along with a few other beginner practices (shifting, central-fixation, palming…) speeds vision improvement making it easier to apply all parts of the method, achieve clear eyesight.
The practice shown in the video incorporates the Bates method by also teaching the person to ‘shift’, ‘look from part to part’ on the object they are looking at. Many teachers, doctors forget or do not know, were never trained to add this important practice. When you look at the close object; shift on it. When you look at the far object; shift on it. Spend as much time as you like; a couple seconds looking at an object, or shift on more parts, investigate, let your attention travel upon the object for a longer time.
Relax, blink, take a few deep relaxing breaths. Yawn and stretch, relax the neck, shoulders, head muscles. Relaxation travels into the eye muscles, eyes.

Bead (Brock) String. For perfect eye movement, clear eyesight at all distances;
Helpful for correcting crossed, wandering eyes ‘strabismus’. Do it relaxed, avoid tension, immobility.
If you have strabismus, don’t worry if it’s uncomfortable at first. Ease though it. It can make you feel like riding over a bump ^ on a old street when the lazy eye tries to move correct. Your head, balance might feel weird while moving the visual attention close and far on the beads. This is due to eye muscle tension. It’s a tense muscle or muscles and eye-vision-balance system correcting itself. With practice the muscle, muscles will relax and move easy, the eye will move correct with no uncomfortable feelings. This same feeling, ‘realignment’ of the eye muscles occurs when clearing away astigmatism. Avoid fear. Fear holds you back. Stay positive, relax and glide ‘float’ through the practices nice and easy. No force. Take a break, go slower, little at a time if needed.

Ophthalmologist William H. Bates’ Astrological Birth Chart

Astrology may reveal how, why Dr. Bates discovered, preserved The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement. Found an on-line astrology search, horoscope creator that goes back to 1860.

Here’s a few aspects of his personality;

Name: William H. Bates
Date of Birth: December 23, 1860
Time, hour, minute of Birth: MISSING. Possibly check
Location: Newark, New Jersey , USA

Sun Capricorn;
Professional, climbs the hill to success, never gives up. Achieves goal, becomes the king of the mountain. Disciplined and ambitious, takes life seriously, strong, control of emotions. Honored, respected in society. Many positive traits.
Possibly moon in Taurus = Positive traits. Can be an immovable rock. Stubborn in some ways. Is the rock we depend on, that enemies cannot move. Good emotions, feeling for others. Will keep a gift for life. Love of beauty. Body part; the throat. Bates is an eye, ear, nose and throat doctor. Good business sense.
These two other signs show up on the website;
Aries = pioneer, eyes, head, courage, natural leader.
Sagittarius = kindness, generous, spirituality, travel, mind, learning, writer/publishing, TRUTH, religion.
Planet in Scorpio = detective work, doctors, surgeons, police, spiritual, psychic; possible reason he got involved in memory, imagination. No fear of death. Strong emotions but under control. Will be a trusted, dependable friend forever, but if crossed will remember, be wary of your friendship.
Pisces; Very spiritual, psychic, great love for humanity, heart-sprit connection to all people, loves everyone. Can be the strongest sign with abilities of all signs. Love conquers all. Can read ‘feel’, ‘see’ your thoughts, emotions.
The website lists many more signs, planets, trines, aspects… Leo, Virgo, Gemini, more Pisces, more Taurus.
If no one else adds to this, I will place all in the future when I have the time. It’s interesting and dives deep into the mind of the great doctor.
Missing is his time of birth by the hour, minute. This results in the moon, rising sign and other aspects… being imperfect. People familiar with Dr. Bates work may want to go onto the astrology webpage and other sites to test different birth times; Start by each hour. Then if you want to do advanced work, go by the minutes… See if any traits for the eye profession, truth, research, discoveries, publishing, writing, kindness, humanity, memory… are present. Sort it down to 1-3 times, maybe even find the exact time of birth. Look for danger of being attacked by other surgeons, dishonest people, big business, powerful corrupt organizations. H. Bates&day=23&month=12&year=1860&timehour=00&timemin=00&ampm=am&zone=5&place=Newark&place2=New Jersey&place3=USA&latdeg=40&latmin=42&ns=N&longdeg=74&longmin=10&ew=W

Find more in various horoscope books and on-line. Choose the best, do complete research.
This idea was suggested to me by an astrologer in Milan Italy. He may be creating a booklet with Dr. Bates entire Horoscope Chart.

Lasik Surgery – The Hidden Side Effects, Doctor’s Profit, Patient Loses

As the years have passed after cornea surgery (lasik and other forms of altering the cornea) was invented and mass marketed to the public;

Initial price was about two thousand dollars per eye. As time passed and people realized their eyesight and eyes health became impaired due to the surgery, the price went down to about $200.00 – $300.00 per eye. The surgery has become more and more unpopular as the public learns the truth. As the price goes down we wonder; why is this eye-life damaging surgery still being done pushed on people? Most Ophthalmologists, Ophthalmologist offices have advertisements for Lasik. My doctor has pamphlets, flyers in every room in the office, waiting room and even on the forms we are to read, sign.
Turns out that the cornea surgery not only ruins the vision, it also causes many other eye problems;
Pain = lifelong sales of drugs for the pain.
Dry eye, lasik impairs natural tear production. The nerves in the cornea are now impaired and cannot send correct signals to the brain so it can activate the tear glad to produce tears when needed. Other result soft h surgery also block natural tears = lifelong sales of eye drops and all the other ‘stuff’ that goes with the eye drops kit.
Nutrient flow impaired = circulation of nutrients, fluids… to/in the cornea and possibly part of the eye are impaired = sales of supplements, other drops.., treatments, drugs.
Eyeglasses = The person is stuck with the lasik prescription etched in the cornea, cannot remove it. It’s like wearing glasses 24 hours, day and night. Causes addiction to a prescription. Stronger and stronger glasses are soon prescribed. On top of this; usually glasses are needed for the distance the lasik was not applied for. Soon glasses for all distances are prescribed.
Surgery sales = More surgery as the cornea develops waves, tears, astigmatism… as the glasses and the surgery itself impairs the eye, cornea’s shape, health, vision.
Sunglasses = the surgery destroys the corneas natural tolerance to, absorption of sunlight and natural refraction of light. Eyeglasses, sunglasses cause the light to be imbalanced, unhealthy.
The eyes health and vision declines. Soon the natural tolerance to even indoor light is impaired.
Other eye conditions = People report cataract, glare, impaired night vision, other eye problems after the cornea surgery. All eyeglass prescriptions including surgically created lead to cataract, detached retina, glaucoma, other eye-vision problems.

See here for a list of cornea surgery side effects;

Search the FDA for more articles. There are a few website support groups for patients that have been harmed by Lasik. Here’s a Natural Vision teacher’s information;

Then why is Lasik still heavily advertised? Why are people still buying it?

The doctors lie to their patients, corrupt politician-lawyer type ‘fancy alter-evade the issues’ speech. Many people won’t believe the truth, they stay with the doctors opinion only. Aldous Huxley says the optical industry, eye doctors really don’t worry about Natural Eyesight Improvement being taught to the public because most people will not put the work into learning, practicing it. They want instant results; thus eyeglasses, surgery and other unnatural treatment sales continue. Huxley stated the eye doctors will lose only about 10% of sales to the natural teachers. As the years passed and natural medicine became more popular the public has moved toward the natural teachers, a lot more people are improving their vision and health naturally.
I hope people searching the Internet, wondering if they should choose Lasik or Natural Eyesight Improvement will watch this video;

This video tells the entire truth;
(Ignore ads YouTube places on them. Some people selling eye surgery have downloaded this video, then re-uploaded with an ad for implanted lenses, surgery… attached. Sneaky eye surgeons! This video has been reposted with the original person’s Channel.) I have also saved all the original lasik, contact lenses side effects warning videos to my computer. Notice the FDA’s video still says some good things about Lasik while also telling you about the many dangers. They seem to be trying to support the doctors, the drug companies even though they know that Lasik is destroying thousands of people’s vision.

Here’s videos listing side effects of contact lenses, more lasik. Move down the page;

Old Fashioned Eye Doctor’s Eye-Vision Exam Vs. Modern Exams

Stress, incorrect posture, restricted movement of the body, neck, head and eyes lowers the vision.
In the old days an eye exam might cause some stress, (worrying about the outcome, pressure to hurry when reading the eyechart) but we were allowed free use, movement of the eyes, head and body… by looking at a paper chart hung on a distant wall to test far vision and a paper chart up close to test reading, close vision.
Now in modern times most all doctors force us to look into a machine to test the vision. The eyechart in the machine only simulates far and close distances. It is not the true, perfect distance, depth, true 3-D. This prevents perfect normal, natural use of the eyes-vision. The machines also disrupt our posture and limit movement of the eyes, head, neck, body. This also lowers vision.
The eyes can experience an occasional bit of astigmatism that goes away quickly and is never even noticed. The new machines detect the tiniest amount of imperfect refraction of light rays, even though this is temporary and is often caused, increased, maintained during/by the eye exam and machine. The doctor will use this as a legal excuse to prescribe an eyeglass prescription that is not necessary and is too strong. The prescription will maintain and increase the imperfect refraction, cause progressively impaired vision and an addiction to stronger and stronger eyeglasses. Astigmatism is maintained, increased. As time passes advanced eye-vision problems occur resulting in the ‘sales pitch’ for lasik on the cornea, cataract surgery, other eye surgeries, sale of eye drops, drugs…
What type of (human?) sprits are on this planet-in the business of causing blindness? Are optometrists (and some unnatural vision teachers)… getting $ kickbacks from eye surgeons when they send the surgeon a patient for surgery after years of selling them stronger and stronger glasses? Kickbacks also for life long monthly prescription refills for eye drops and other ‘kits’ needed due to side effects of lasik. Note the amount of lasik advertisements in your Optometrist’s office.

Read ‘Restoring Your Eyesight by Doug Marsh’ for more information on how the eye exam results in eyeglasses that are 2-3 times over prescribed, too strong and often prescribed when no prescription is needed; Eye drops; toxic. That subject is posted on our website.