Improve Your Accommodation, Convergence, Un-Accommodation, Un-Convergence (Divergence) For Faster, Easy Vision Improvement

This video shows a simple Natural Vision Improvement exercise that brings clear eyesight at all Distances. Looking at objects at different distances, switching the attention back and forth is an old time effective practice taught by many eyesight teachers, Behavioral Optometrists. Some teachers state it is a exercise so is not truly the Bates Method but; if you search in Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines you will find him and his assistant Emily Lierman teaching people to look at close and far eye charts or look at a close object, then out a window to a far object beyond it, or from a close fine print card to a far object. This along with a few other beginner practices (shifting, central-fixation, palming…) speeds vision improvement making it easier to apply all parts of the method, achieve clear eyesight.
The practice shown in the video incorporates the Bates method by also teaching the person to ‘shift’, ‘look from part to part’ on the object they are looking at. Many teachers, doctors forget or do not know, were never trained to add this important practice. When you look at the close object; shift on it. When you look at the far object; shift on it. Spend as much time as you like; a couple seconds looking at an object, or shift on more parts, investigate, let your attention travel upon the object for a longer time.
Relax, blink, take a few deep relaxing breaths. Yawn and stretch, relax the neck, shoulders, head muscles. Relaxation travels into the eye muscles, eyes.

Bead (Brock) String. For perfect eye movement, clear eyesight at all distances;
Helpful for correcting crossed, wandering eyes ‘strabismus’. Do it relaxed, avoid tension, immobility.
If you have strabismus, don’t worry if it’s uncomfortable at first. Ease though it. It can make you feel like riding over a bump ^ on a old street when the lazy eye tries to move correct. Your head, balance might feel weird while moving the visual attention close and far on the beads. This is due to eye muscle tension. It’s a tense muscle or muscles and eye-vision-balance system correcting itself. With practice the muscle, muscles will relax and move easy, the eye will move correct with no uncomfortable feelings. This same feeling, ‘realignment’ of the eye muscles occurs when clearing away astigmatism. Avoid fear. Fear holds you back. Stay positive, relax and glide ‘float’ through the practices nice and easy. No force. Take a break, go slower, little at a time if needed.


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