Old Fashioned Eye Doctor’s Eye-Vision Exam Vs. Modern Exams

Stress, incorrect posture, restricted movement of the body, neck, head and eyes lowers the vision.
In the old days an eye exam might cause some stress, (worrying about the outcome, pressure to hurry when reading the eyechart) but we were allowed free use, movement of the eyes, head and body… by looking at a paper chart hung on a distant wall to test far vision and a paper chart up close to test reading, close vision.
Now in modern times most all doctors force us to look into a machine to test the vision. The eyechart in the machine only simulates far and close distances. It is not the true, perfect distance, depth, true 3-D. This prevents perfect normal, natural use of the eyes-vision. The machines also disrupt our posture and limit movement of the eyes, head, neck, body. This also lowers vision.
The eyes can experience an occasional bit of astigmatism that goes away quickly and is never even noticed. The new machines detect the tiniest amount of imperfect refraction of light rays, even though this is temporary and is often caused, increased, maintained during/by the eye exam and machine. The doctor will use this as a legal excuse to prescribe an eyeglass prescription that is not necessary and is too strong. The prescription will maintain and increase the imperfect refraction, cause progressively impaired vision and an addiction to stronger and stronger eyeglasses. Astigmatism is maintained, increased. As time passes advanced eye-vision problems occur resulting in the ‘sales pitch’ for lasik on the cornea, cataract surgery, other eye surgeries, sale of eye drops, drugs…
What type of (human?) sprits are on this planet-in the business of causing blindness? Are optometrists (and some unnatural vision teachers)… getting $ kickbacks from eye surgeons when they send the surgeon a patient for surgery after years of selling them stronger and stronger glasses? Kickbacks also for life long monthly prescription refills for eye drops and other ‘kits’ needed due to side effects of lasik. Note the amount of lasik advertisements in your Optometrist’s office.

Read ‘Restoring Your Eyesight by Doug Marsh’ for more information on how the eye exam results in eyeglasses that are 2-3 times over prescribed, too strong and often prescribed when no prescription is needed; http://www.amazon.com/Restoring-Your-Eyesight-Taoist-Approach/dp/1594771502/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1381586085&sr=1-1&keywords=restoring+your+eyesight Eye drops; toxic. That subject is posted on our website.


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