The Spiritual Life – How We See in the Spirit World

wickland1 copy

wickland2 copy

Mental and emotional effects on the health ‘condition’ of the SPRIT during life and after death. These pictures are from the book ‘Thirty Years Among the Dead’ by Carl A. Wickland. Partial pages from the book show contact of a psychic with ghost, a spirit that died at sea, the sinking of the Lusitania. Many were from high society. Habits of wrong ways of thinking, feeling. Other sprits are from the Titanic.
The emotions, way of thinking remains with the person after death. The spirit is trapped in the lower afterlife. Spirit learns to think differently, love attains happiness. Is then able to travel to the higher spiritual world. In the lower spiritual world the spirits see mainly darkness. As the spirit learns his/her condition and changes their way of thinking, they move into the light, they see light, clear vision ‘eyesight’ occurs in the spiritual world.
Most of the things I write about are about eyesight improvement. I will try to write about the other things that pertain to overall well being, good health and clear eyesight.
Read more of the book free online on Googlebooks and look inside on;

In depth research; Robert Monroe books, DVDs Monroe Institute, Virginia and Dion Fortune, Alice A. Bailey.
The mind can affect the sprit, body and the mind itself. It can surely affect the eyes, the clarity of sight.


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