Ophthalmologist William H. Bates’ Astrological Birth Chart

Astrology may reveal how, why Dr. Bates discovered, preserved The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement. Found an on-line astrology search, horoscope creator that goes back to 1860.

Here’s a few aspects of his personality;

Name: William H. Bates
Date of Birth: December 23, 1860
Time, hour, minute of Birth: MISSING. Possibly check Ancestry.com.
Location: Newark, New Jersey , USA

Sun Capricorn;
Professional, climbs the hill to success, never gives up. Achieves goal, becomes the king of the mountain. Disciplined and ambitious, takes life seriously, strong, control of emotions. Honored, respected in society. Many positive traits.
Possibly moon in Taurus = Positive traits. Can be an immovable rock. Stubborn in some ways. Is the rock we depend on, that enemies cannot move. Good emotions, feeling for others. Will keep a gift for life. Love of beauty. Body part; the throat. Bates is an eye, ear, nose and throat doctor. Good business sense.
These two other signs show up on the website;
Aries = pioneer, eyes, head, courage, natural leader.
Sagittarius = kindness, generous, spirituality, travel, mind, learning, writer/publishing, TRUTH, religion.
Planet in Scorpio = detective work, doctors, surgeons, police, spiritual, psychic; possible reason he got involved in memory, imagination. No fear of death. Strong emotions but under control. Will be a trusted, dependable friend forever, but if crossed will remember, be wary of your friendship.
Pisces; Very spiritual, psychic, great love for humanity, heart-sprit connection to all people, loves everyone. Can be the strongest sign with abilities of all signs. Love conquers all. Can read ‘feel’, ‘see’ your thoughts, emotions.
The website lists many more signs, planets, trines, aspects… Leo, Virgo, Gemini, more Pisces, more Taurus.
If no one else adds to this, I will place all in the future when I have the time. It’s interesting and dives deep into the mind of the great doctor.
Missing is his time of birth by the hour, minute. This results in the moon, rising sign and other aspects… being imperfect. People familiar with Dr. Bates work may want to go onto the astrology webpage and other sites to test different birth times; Start by each hour. Then if you want to do advanced work, go by the minutes… See if any traits for the eye profession, truth, research, discoveries, publishing, writing, kindness, humanity, memory… are present. Sort it down to 1-3 times, maybe even find the exact time of birth. Look for danger of being attacked by other surgeons, dishonest people, big business, powerful corrupt organizations.

http://www.chaosastrology.net/freeastrologyreports.cfm?id=generate&name=William H. Bates&day=23&month=12&year=1860&timehour=00&timemin=00&ampm=am&zone=5&place=Newark&place2=New Jersey&place3=USA&latdeg=40&latmin=42&ns=N&longdeg=74&longmin=10&ew=W

Find more in various horoscope books and on-line. Choose the best, do complete research.
This idea was suggested to me by an astrologer in Milan Italy. He may be creating a booklet with Dr. Bates entire Horoscope Chart.


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