Nutrition, Diet, How Food is Grown… For Clear Vision

Here is an old World War Two Pilots Food to keep their night flying vision clear;

The Gerson Miracle – True Healthy, Natural Lifestyle and Cures Hidden From The Public;

Lets start a discussion on Natural Health Practice for healthy eyes, maintaining clear eyesight into and past the senior years. Food, water, air, chemicals in the environment, in soaps.., lifestyle.
In this video the man says “in the old days before we cut down many tress, a tree squirrel could travel along the tops of the trees across the united states”.
The scientist notices that plant chemistry… changes when grown in soil that is contaminated with pesticides and other unnatural substances. This changes our chemistry, DNA and other functions.
In the old days people lived longer. News, doctors tell us that in the past it was rare for people to live over 100, but if you do some research, in all countries, not just the U.S. you will find people in the U.S. and other countries living far past 100 years, in the past and today.
In my hometown of Brookfield, MA the Gadaire and Bernie family are just a few of the people that live over 100 years. Mrs. Christina Bernie of Kimball Street lived to 105. Named after the day of Christmas, she was born on Dec. 25th. She took a plane to Florida on vacation all by herself over 100 years old. She played the piano with her pet parrot ‘Polly’ daily, signing to high heaven. Her dog, a Dalmatian named Freckles was a true blue companion and protector. She had heart; when a dog (Arnie) in the neighborhood caught distemper and was dying a slow agonizing death; she brought the animal into her home, cared for it, helping to ease it’s fear as the dog passed to the other world. I remember visiting her one day and seeing Arnie crying, shaking, the disease stiffening, torturing his body. I pet him, though was afraid of catching the disease. We put him to sleep.
The world need the good guys. I often think some people live long due to karma, their temperament. The earth needs them here. Other times the good are taken early. A new mission for the sprit?
A happy environment, a purpose in life, to enjoy life as adults and as we did as children. These things relax the mind and the relaxed mind brings clear eyesight.
The water, air and food were pure in past generations. Lifestyle was different. Why did these people live so long and healthy, HAPPILY?

Chemicals in household products, soaps… also affect the health;

Eyes, Eyesight Improvement, Anatomy.., Ophthalmology, Optics History

Here’s the first one. It’s old, out of date, has a few incorrect things but the majority is worth watching. Figure we can post videos and discuss what is the Bates Method, what are the old and new views of Dr. Bates Method and other Ophthalmologists.

I asked the YouTube channel creator to seek for and post videos they may find by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates and Emily A. Bates, C. Leirman. Let’s keep a watch for this and other videos. Someone must have recorded a movie of Dr. Bates, Emily, Optometrist Harold Peppard… at some time before 1919, to 1930 and after 1931. Post them free on YouTube before some arrogant power hungry teacher, doctor finds it and charges a high price or just hides it away.


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