Lasik Surgery – The Hidden Side Effects, Doctor’s Profit, Patient Loses

As the years have passed after cornea surgery (lasik and other forms of altering the cornea) was invented and mass marketed to the public;

Initial price was about two thousand dollars per eye. As time passed and people realized their eyesight and eyes health became impaired due to the surgery, the price went down to about $200.00 – $300.00 per eye. The surgery has become more and more unpopular as the public learns the truth. As the price goes down we wonder; why is this eye-life damaging surgery still being done pushed on people? Most Ophthalmologists, Ophthalmologist offices have advertisements for Lasik. My doctor has pamphlets, flyers in every room in the office, waiting room and even on the forms we are to read, sign.
Turns out that the cornea surgery not only ruins the vision, it also causes many other eye problems;
Pain = lifelong sales of drugs for the pain.
Dry eye, lasik impairs natural tear production. The nerves in the cornea are now impaired and cannot send correct signals to the brain so it can activate the tear glad to produce tears when needed. Other result soft h surgery also block natural tears = lifelong sales of eye drops and all the other ‘stuff’ that goes with the eye drops kit.
Nutrient flow impaired = circulation of nutrients, fluids… to/in the cornea and possibly part of the eye are impaired = sales of supplements, other drops.., treatments, drugs.
Eyeglasses = The person is stuck with the lasik prescription etched in the cornea, cannot remove it. It’s like wearing glasses 24 hours, day and night. Causes addiction to a prescription. Stronger and stronger glasses are soon prescribed. On top of this; usually glasses are needed for the distance the lasik was not applied for. Soon glasses for all distances are prescribed.
Surgery sales = More surgery as the cornea develops waves, tears, astigmatism… as the glasses and the surgery itself impairs the eye, cornea’s shape, health, vision.
Sunglasses = the surgery destroys the corneas natural tolerance to, absorption of sunlight and natural refraction of light. Eyeglasses, sunglasses cause the light to be imbalanced, unhealthy.
The eyes health and vision declines. Soon the natural tolerance to even indoor light is impaired.
Other eye conditions = People report cataract, glare, impaired night vision, other eye problems after the cornea surgery. All eyeglass prescriptions including surgically created lead to cataract, detached retina, glaucoma, other eye-vision problems.

See here for a list of cornea surgery side effects;

Search the FDA for more articles. There are a few website support groups for patients that have been harmed by Lasik. Here’s a Natural Vision teacher’s information;

Then why is Lasik still heavily advertised? Why are people still buying it?

The doctors lie to their patients, corrupt politician-lawyer type ‘fancy alter-evade the issues’ speech. Many people won’t believe the truth, they stay with the doctors opinion only. Aldous Huxley says the optical industry, eye doctors really don’t worry about Natural Eyesight Improvement being taught to the public because most people will not put the work into learning, practicing it. They want instant results; thus eyeglasses, surgery and other unnatural treatment sales continue. Huxley stated the eye doctors will lose only about 10% of sales to the natural teachers. As the years passed and natural medicine became more popular the public has moved toward the natural teachers, a lot more people are improving their vision and health naturally.
I hope people searching the Internet, wondering if they should choose Lasik or Natural Eyesight Improvement will watch this video;

This video tells the entire truth;
(Ignore ads YouTube places on them. Some people selling eye surgery have downloaded this video, then re-uploaded with an ad for implanted lenses, surgery… attached. Sneaky eye surgeons! This video has been reposted with the original person’s Channel.) I have also saved all the original lasik, contact lenses side effects warning videos to my computer. Notice the FDA’s video still says some good things about Lasik while also telling you about the many dangers. They seem to be trying to support the doctors, the drug companies even though they know that Lasik is destroying thousands of people’s vision.

Here’s videos listing side effects of contact lenses, more lasik. Move down the page;


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