Eye Pupil Size, Light Effect on Brightness, Color Level of Vision

Try this experiment;

Sit in a room with normal lighting. Does not have to be bright light.
Cover one eye for about 20 seconds. Sit near the sun so it shines on the other eye.
Notice the brightness of the visual field and level, intensity of color with the uncovered eye.
Now cover that eye and uncover the eye that was covered for 20 seconds.
Notice the eye that was covered for 20 seconds shows brighter vision; more light and color.
After a few seconds it will show the same level as the other eye did.
This is the effect of the eyes pupil reacting to light, dark.
When the pupil is covered or in low light, darkness; it becomes larger. This lets in more light, thus more brightness, color when its uncovered.
When the eye is in bright light; the color, brightness of objects, light is lower due to the pupil being smaller, allowing in less light.
The eyes, brain allow the correct amount of light to enter the eyes for each level of light, the pupil size changing for each condition.

Alternating back and forth from palming to sunning, sunning to palming as described by Ophthalmologist Bates improves the eyes adjustment to light, dark.
The ciliary muscle changes the shape of the lens. The eye changes shape, working with the outer eye muscles, with the ciliary/lens when adjusting the refraction of the eyes light rays for close and far vision ‘accommodation, un-accommodation. Convergence, divergence also occurs in sync with this process. The ciliary muscle, zonules are connected to the ciliary process-body which is related to, can affect the iris-pupil muscle. Improving function of the pupil, light-dark adjustment, light tolerance also improves other functions of the eye. With use of more Bates Method practices, all functions of the eyes, muscles, brain/visual system are perfected and eyesight is clear.

Sunglasses, eyeglasses, uv blocking glasses, even plain glass windows, tinted windows impair the eye, pupil’s natural function. They imbalance the suns light spectrum and make artificial indoor light even more imbalanced, unhealthy. Contact lenses completely seal over the cornea, pupil blocking all natural FULL SPECTRUM sunlight. The eye needs natural light. The light travels into the eyes, brain, spine, body, all organs, glands, systems maintaining perfect health.
Eye infections, red inflamed eyes is often due to lack of sunlight. Sunlight kills germs.

One day when I was sick, laying in bed with a blanket over one eye I noticed a difference in the level of light, color in each eye. I got scared, worrying something was wrong. Searched for this in a Ophthalmology book. It’s normal; the pupil ‘pinhole’ effect. The blanket was blocking light, making one eyes pupil larger. (Experiment also works by sitting sideways by a open window with the one eye to the sunlight and the other eye inside, away from the sunlight.)

Avoid contact lenses. Become free of eyeglasses.
This video was placed on a discussion on the forum; Update; Contact lens sellers are calling YouTube to delete videos warning about contact lenses. Here’s the video persevered by another channel;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzB1hadzT6s , http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Parasites+Infects+Contact+Lens&sm=12


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