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Pinhole Glasses; Might Help a Few People Improve Their Vision, But Impairs Vision, Eye Function of Others.

This video describes the effects that Pinhole Glasses have on people that have unclear vision and people that have clear vision.
I prefer students to not wear eyeglasses or pinholes because they are unnatural, cause eye-vision problems. In some ways the pinholes act like eyeglasses and cause uncomfortable feelings, weird visual effects and lower the clarity of vision.
For some people that wear glasses, they find the pinhole glasses are less stressful than eyeglasses.
Glasses contain a prescription causing the eye, eye muscles, brain to become tense, strained and develop-maintain the vision impairment, abnormal refraction that the eyeglass prescription is created for. This is the only way the eyes can see through the glasses; the eyes must maintain the vision problem.
Pinhole glasses do not contain a prescription, so the eyes do not have to maintain an abnormal refraction. In this way pinholes are better than glasses. But; pinholes impair the vision, eyes function in similar ways as eyeglasses and in other ways. They do interfere with normal light refraction, focus and the eyes natural movement.
If you use the pinholes in order to break the addiction to eyeglasses; use them sparingly and temporary. Practice Natural Eyesight Improvement (without pinholes, without glasses) to become permanently free of pinhole glasses and eyeglasses.
See the video and entire description on the website and read Amazon reviews. Read about the difference between large and small hole pinhole glasses and side effects.

This is the first video in a series describing unnatural methods that can impair the eyes health and the vision. In this way I can get the truth out to the public. I cannot do this well on Internet Groups, Amazon discussion boards, Forums due to trolls, abusive people, eyeglass sales people, eye surgeons and competing high priced natural and unnatural eyesight teachers attacking my posts and posting untrue information, harmful practices. One very good teacher became greedy, corrupted by the eyeglass people; he used their advice (2 kinds of unnatural treatments) and started selling them. Now his vision is impaired. He still sells the harmful method-products but does not use them. He is regaining his vision by avoiding the products himself and going back to the true Bates Method. One teacher that sells pinhole glasses on Amazon continually deletes the product, changes the name and then reposts it. This wipes out all the 1 star customer reviews ‘complaints’. She does not like reviews that tell the truth about the product, its side effects.
So you can see how hard it is to keep the truth shining bright on the Internet. It’s a jungle out there, ruled by money, egos and power!
My next video will tell the truth about the harmful cataract, detached retina producing Plus Lens Anti-Corrective Method sold by eyeglass sales people and eye surgeons; They know it leads to advanced eye-vision problems, injury. Then the sales pitch for surgery on the cornea and/or implanted prescriptions in the cornea, eye or lens. (Very destructive practices, they can lead to blindness.) Many people posting unnatural methods on the internet obtain ‘kickbacks’ money for referring people to eyeglass sellers and eye surgeons. Avoid them! I constantly receive threatening emails for these guys when I post the truth on the internet forums, groups.

Go natural; practice the TRUE ORIGINAL and MODERN, SAFE, HEALTHY Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement.


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