Natural Eyesight Secret Your Eye Doctor Does Not Want You To Know!

To see clear; Shift, ‘Move’ your eyes (visual attention) from one small part to another small part on the object you want to see clear.

See the picture example of the green house. Click to see animation. The eyes move from dot to dot; Shifting, Central-Fixation (centralizing)  Shift and Blink. Central field moves as the eyes (visual-Mental Attention) move from object to object and part to part on a object.

Now try this on any object; a house, tree in the distance or small print, flower up close; move from part to part. Blink.

This is simple, easy to learn but most eye doctors want to sell addictive eyeglasses, stronger and stronger lenses which lead to cataract, detached retina, macula degeneration… and eye surgery.
A honest Eye Doctor (Behavioral Optometrist) and Natural Vision Improvement Teacher will tell the truth; That eyeglasses block, impair natural eye shifting and clear vision.

The secret to clear sight; Discontinue use of eyeglasses, contact lenses.
Learn to shift.Shift, Blink, Relax’. No glasses, no effort to see.

See this website for complete, free  training;

Soon, every page will have a video and animated picture to show each practice.


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