Shifting, Seeing Eyechart Letters Clear ‘Without Trying’

Reading  Eyechart - how to do it correct, see clear      e4 - Copy

Using a Small Black Dot . and Memory, Imagination, Relaxation to See Eyechart Letters Clear;

(Practice without eyeglasses, contacts)

Place the eyechart at 20 feet. Draw a small black dot . under a letter on the bottom 10 line.
Rest, look to the far distance.
Shift on the eyechart letters, blink and relax.
Then; shift on the small dot. Make believe it is a very small part of a small letter on the bottom 10 line. Don’t try to shift, just let the eyes, ‘vision’ move on their own. Blink

Next; Close the eyes and shift on the dot in the mind. Don’t try to shift, just let the eyes, ‘vision’ move on their own. When the dot in the mind flashes clear and you feel relaxed, tension releases; Then; open the eyes, look at the dot; it will flash clear and the eyes will be moving on it ‘automatically’. Feel the eyes, (vision, mental attention) suddenly, automatically zoom in, centralize and shift on a smaller part of the dot; it then becomes very clear and relief of tension increases to maximum.
Next; transfer that relaxation, perfect eye-vision-mind function to the eyechart; look at a 10 line letter and do not interfere with the eyes shifting; let it occur on its own. (The letter will be clear but it might become less clear if you start trying to see, trying to control the eyes movement and think too much about the clarity of vision. You can shift on the letter if you notice that staring, effort to see begins but try to just let the eyes, vision function alone as much as possible.)

Close the eyes when the letter is flashing clear. Repeat the practice.

Next; try this practice by Dr. Bates and Emily;
Start on the top large eyechart letter;
+ Open the eyes, look at the top letter and see it flash clear. Allow the mental, visual attention to move upon the letter part to part, but without trying. Let it occur naturally.
+ Quickly close the eyes and see the clear image of the letter in the mind, (memory and imagination).
Let the mental, visual attention move on the letter in the mind.
When the letter is clear in the mind; open the eyes and move to the next smaller letter down the chart. See it flash clear.
Close the eyes and repeat the practice down the chart to the smallest letter, then to the tiny black dot under the smallest letters on the chart.
Now practice at 30, 40 feet.
Practice the same method at various close distances for clear close and reading vision.
Look to the distance and shift on far objects. Then close, then far, then middle distance…


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