Ophthalmologist Bates Cures Unclear Eyesight with Natural Methods-Angers Eye Doctors that Prefer to Sell Eyeglasses, Surgery

This is Doctor Bates article stating the problems he had with other doctors (who  preferred to sell eyeglasses, eye surgery) when Dr. Bates was curing their  patients naturally; Other Doctors try to hide Dr. Bates discoveries from  the public. Doctors expel Dr. Bates from the Hospital he worked at after  Dr. Bates cures patients without glasses, surgery, drugs and proves the facts  of Natural Eyesight Improvement.

Fifteen or twenty years ago the  specialist mentioned in the foregoing story read a paper on cataract at a  meeting of the ophthalmological section of the American Medical Association  in Atlantic City, and asserted that anyone who said that cataract could be  cured without the knife was a quack. At that time I was assistant surgeon at the  New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, and it happened that I had been collecting  statistics of the spontaneous cure of cataract at the request of the executive  surgeon of this institution, Dr. Henry G. Noyes, Professor of Ophthalmology  at the Bellevue Hospital Medical School. As a result of my inquiry I  had secured records of a large number of cases which had recovered, not only  without the knife, but without any treatment at all. I also had records of  cases which I had sent to Dr. James E. Kelly of New York and which he had cured,  largely by hygienic methods. Dr. Kelly is not a quack, and at that time was  Professor of Anatomy in the New York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital  and attending surgeon to a large city hospital. In the five minutes allotted  to those who wished to discuss the paper, I was able to tell the audience  enough about these cases to make them want to hear more. My time was, therefore,  extended, first to half an hour and then to an hour. Later both Dr. Kelly and  myself received many letters from men in different parts of the country who had  tried his treatment with success. The man who wrote the paper had blundered,  but he did not lose any prestige because of my attack with facts upon his  theories. He is still a prominent and honored ophthalmologist and in his latest  book he gives no hint of having ever heard of any successful method of  treating cataract other than by operation. He was not convinced by my record of  spontaneous cures, nor by Dr. Kelly’s record of cures by treatment; and while  a few men were sufficiently impressed to try the treatment recommended, and  while they obtained satisfactory results, the facts made no impression upon the  profession as a whole, and did not modify the teaching of the schools. That  spontaneous cures of cataract do sometimes occur cannot be denied; but they  are supposed to be very rare, and any one who suggests that the condition can  be cured by treatment still exposes himself to the suspicion of being a  quack.

Between 1886 and 1891 I was a lecturer at the Post Graduate  Hospital and Medical School. The head of the institution was Dr. D. B. St.  John Roosa. He was the author of many books, and was honored and respected by  the whole medical profession. At the school they had got the habit of putting  glasses on the nearsighted doctors, and I had got the habit of curing them  without glasses. It was naturally annoying to a man who had put glasses on a  student to have him appear at a lecture without them and say that Dr.  Bates had cured him. Dr. Roosa found it particularly annoying, and the  trouble reached a climax one evening at the annual banquet of the faculty  when, in the presence of one hundred and fifty doctors, he suddenly poured out  the vials of his wrath upon my head. He said that I was injuring the  reputation of the Post Graduate by claiming to cure myopia. Every one knew that  Donders said it was incurable, and I had no right to claim that I knew more  than Donders. I reminded him that some of the men I had cured had been fitted  with glasses by himself. He replied that if he had said they had myopia he had  made a mistake. I suggested further investigation. “Fit some more doctors  with glasses for myopia,” I said, “and I will cure them. It is easy for you to  examine them afterwards and see if the cure is genuine.” This method did not  appeal to him, however. He repeated that it was impossible to cure myopia,  and to prove that it was impossible he expelled me from the Post Graduate, even  the privilege of resignation being denied to me. The fact is that, except in rare cases, man is not a reasoning being. He is dominated by authority, and when  the facts are not in accord with the view imposed by authority, so much the  worse for the facts. They may and indeed must win in the long run; but in the  meantime the world gropes needlessly in darkness and endures much suffering that  might have been avoided.

Dr. Bates spent his lifetime dealing with these type of doctors. In time many agreed with Dr. Bates, worked with and were trained by him to teach Natural Eyesight Improvement. There are now more and more modern eye doctors that are teaching the Bates Method, working with Natural Vision Improvement teachers, students.

(Medical doctors have passed a law making it is  illegal for anyone to use the word CURE unless they are a doctor.) What is  happening to our country? There is still corruption in the medical field.


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