Fine Print Cures Presbyopia

7 is in Fineprint

Read fine Print as Dr. Bates describes in Better Eyesight Magazine to keep eyesight clear at close and far distances at all ages including into the senior citizen years, 90-100+.

This works! It produces relaxation of the mind and eyes, because that’s the only way the print will be seen perfectly clear. It activates, improves tiny saccade shifting movements of the eyes and detailed central-fixation.
Practice shifting tiny part to tiny part, ‘point to point’ on a small stone, flower… at close reading distances. Blink. (see details as David says at http://www.iblindness,org!) This and the fine print improves both close and far vision, improves the lens and ciliary muscles function, movement, eye circulation, outer eye muscles function, convergence and can prevent cataracts, other eye problems.

Even if the print, object is blurry; read it, shift on it. It will eventually clear. If the vision is blurry; at first practice the shifting might produce a effect of the object, print moving like jello; a jumpy ‘opposite swing’. As the vision clears, eye muscles relax, the shifts, swings are smooth, perfect. The jumpy jello effect is gone.


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